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It’s next to impossible to spend very long researching or even talking about kratom without stumbling onto something from the American Kratom Association – and rightfully so! This organization has done a massive amount of legwork over the years to keep kratom in a positive light and encourage more research, discussion, and acceptance.

Why Did The American Kratom Association Start?

Most people who know about kratom know that the DEA set out to ban the substance – especially, to classify it as a Schedule 1 substance alongside heroin, cocaine, and marijuana – in late 2016. The vocal outcry from kratom patients surrounding that decision is really what brought this healing herbal supplement into the public eye. But though most North Americans first heard the terms “kratom” and “Mitragyna speciosa” a year ago, this all-natural product has had a loyal following since before that time. The American Kratom Association (AKA) was developed in 2014.

Who is Susan Ash? In 2014, a woman named Susan Ash founded the American Kratom Association. She shifted from personal treatment to public advocacy after the plant helped her beat a dependence on prescription painkillers.

The American Kratom Association Vision

According to their website, the AKA’s ultimate and ongoing goal is to protect the rights of kratom patients across the country. They argue for the use of the plant, it’s abilities to ease pain, fight fatigue, and soothe depression and anxiety; they fight against misinformation delivered by detractors, including governmental bodies, who claim kratom causes hallucinations, is highly addicting and can lead to death.

Highlighting Kratom’s Lack of Serious Side Effects

In fact, only two deaths have been recorded thus far that may have been caused by kratom – further investigation is required. Both these instances occurred this year, long after these claims were first made. In every other kratom-involved death, other drugs were used in conjunction with the plant.

The American Kratom Association Community

Today, the AKA is made up of more than 2,000 dues-paying members who have created a “community of responsible consumers”. This group works to clarify false or unfounded information about kratom, and strive to educate the public, lawmakers, and other higher-level figures on the incredible good this plant has done and could do if allowed to remain legal and accessible.

The AKA’s mission is five-fold:

  1. Support consumers and improve the accessibility to kratom for patients.
  2. Educate the public, both those who might use kratom, those who argue against it, and all average Americans.
  3. Disseminate the stories of kratom’s success, as shared by existing kratom patients.
  4. Global Awareness of right use and accurate understanding by making the USA a leader in good kratom legislation.
  5. Protect the natural resource that is the kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) plant, and advocate sustainable cultivation and reforestation.

Support the American Kratom Association

If you want to support the AKA’s mission, you can make a donation to the organization.

You can also sign the SITSA Act Petition to oppose the “Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act of 2017”.


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