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Opinion: The Kratom-Related Salmonella Outbreaks

If you’ve been following kratom in the news, or even if you haven’t, it’s likely you’ve heard about the salmonella outbreak. Basically, around the beginning of March, word came out that people were being infected by salmonella believed to have originated in the kratom power they used. There was a case in San Diego (where kratom is illegal, actually), and since then there have been reports of cases in Oklahoma, Oregon, North Dakota, Utah, and other states.

Did That Kratom Really Have Salmonella?

Now, there doesn’t seem to be any question whether these people really contracted salmonella, and there isn’t even much of a question whether they really got it from kratom. As much as we would like to cry bias and assume the FDA and CDC are “just picking on kratom” because it helps their case for scheduling the Southeast Asian plant, facts are pretty much facts: salmonella was identified in collected samples of kratom used by infected patients. It sounds like most, if not all, of the samples came from a single vendor.

The real issue here – once everyone calms down about those government bodies getting yet another opportunity to bash kratom in every media outlet across the country – is this: why does a salmonella outbreak in kratom earn a resurgence in talk of scheduling and banning, while salmonella outbreaks in eggs, poultry, and meat simply mean we check the reports to see if we need to throw out our food or visit the emergency room.

Accountability for Kratom Vendors

Should the company(ies) whose products tested positive recall all their powders? Absolutely! If someone contracted mad cow disease from purchased meat, not only would that beef plant have to shut down for weeks or even months, they would also probably be banned from shipping meat across the border for the foreseeable future.

kratom making people sick?

Most products that are recalled are not subsequently placed on the Schedule 1 list.

Should Salmonella = Scheduling?

But the fact that this unfortunate event has put kratom even more soundly on the chopping block is frustrating, to say the least, both for patients who use kratom regularly and for every kratom vendor who tests their products and has proof they’re stocking only salmonella-free kratom leaf and powder.

Sure, some people stop buying meat when they hear about an outbreak, but most just make sure they’re watching brands. If we stopped using everything that has ever been recalled, we’d starve (as would our pets!).

Kratom Was Already Threatened

Of course, this issue can’t be aligned perfectly with my mad cow example, simply because kratom is already being questioned for its safety by major organizations like the FDA. Beef and chicken, on the other hand, never were.

But, if the guilty parties are dealt with and everyone else is cracking down on their lab testing, seems to me something good actually came out of this whole thing: the self-regulation so many passionate advocates have been pushing for months.

Maybe the FDA can hop on that bandwagon, instead?

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