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This post was originally published October, 2017.

If you’ve done any research on kratom – known in the scientific or hoity-toity community as Mitragyna speciosa – you probably know this tree packed with medical possibility is native to the Southeast regions of Asia, specifically:

  • Thailand,
  • Malaysia,
  • and Indonesia.

You may have also come across this fun bit of trivia many kratom advocates like to share: kratom is in the same genealogical family as the coffee plant! So, what is it about these tropical climates that lets plants in this rubiacaea group (which also includes lesser-known species madder and bedstraw) thrive?

This sweet spot lies about 30 degrees on either side of the equator, and it seems the swap between warm daylight hours and cooler nights has something to do with the wonder of kratom and its sister species. This gentle “shock” prompts the fine-tuning of kratom compounds that results in all those great energizing or sedating effects.

Kratom is also pretty needy when it comes to moisture. The wet, humus-filled soils of these tropical regions is the bee’s knees to the kratom tree, which is very sensitive to drought and frost, and needs that mucky land we’d rather not walk through in new shoes.

Here’s an extra little tidbit to impress your friends with at the next trivia night: “humus-rich soil” describes topsoil that has accumulated a lot of decayed organic material, like fallen leaves and animal matter.

Though year-round exposure to this environment gives kratom its amazing opiate-like properties, the leaves of the kratom tree appear to be most potent in the fall, when the leaves are almost ready to tumble down. That said, different times of the growing season deliver different kinds of benefits, giving us that great range of effects we’ve grown to love!

You might be thinking – this doesn’t sound so hard, I’m sure I could grow my own kratom trees and make my own kratom powder without much trouble.

Believe us, we’d love that! There’s nothing better than cultivating your own homeopathic medicines right in your backyard. Unfortunately, folks over here in North America have tried to grow their own kratom trees and have, for the most part, failed. Our climates just don’t lend themselves to healthy trees; germination rates are really low, and cuttings are hard to come by because they tend to contract a type of fungus.

So, for now we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with getting our kratom powders fresh from the source, in an environment where the trees grow as high as 80 feet and the leaves can outspan the palm of man’s hand!
And since you’ve come around to the idea of buying prepared kratom powder, why not buy it from Original Harvest? Our kratom powders are shipped straight to our warehouse from our certified organic partner farm, and are then lab-tested to ensure each and every strain boasts the purity and potency as you deserve. We even share these results right in our product descriptions, so you can rest easy.

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