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Become an Affiliate and Sell Kratom

Are you passionate about kratom? Do you pride yourself on sharing the health benefits and latest research about this healing, all-natural plant with your followers or customers? If you run a blog or website, you can become an affiliate and sell kratom through Original Harvest: earn money simply by promoting and providing a link to our products!


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How does the affiliate program work?

  1. You can create unique links to products that you want to promote.
  2. Copy and paste this link into your blog posts, website pages, or newsletters.
  3. When your followers and customers click on the link and buy from Original Harvest, you receive a 20% commission!

What happens when a customer clicks an affiliate link?

When your follower clicks on the affiliate link you provided, they are taken to our website, and their IP address is recorded as being redirected from your page. This enables Original Harvest to track what purchases this person makes. Any purchases made at this IP address are credited to you, the affiliate. When the sale has been approved, you receive a commission.

What is your commission?

Whenever a purchase is approved from a customer following your affiliate link, you receive 20% of their total order amount (before taxes). This amount is added to your affiliate account, and once your balance has surpassed $200, you receive your commission. We pay commissions once every month, and if your balance does not exceed $200 in one month, the money simply remains in your account until the balance reaches $200.

What if a customer returns to your site?

If the customer who initially followed your affiliate link leaves without making a purchase, then returns to place an order at a later time, you can still get your commission! As long as they make the purchase on the same IP address, we will recognize them as a referral from your site for one month after their initial visit.

Becoming an affiliate with Original Harvest Kratom couldn’t be easier!Sign Up today to start earning a commission promoting and selling a natural product you trust!


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