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Have you heard about kratom? Are you looking for somewhere to buy mitragyna speciosa in Canada? Luckily for you, at Original Harvest, we’re more than happy to send our organic, lab-tested and 100% pure mitragyna speciosa powder and leaf right to your door! Wondering how you haven’t heard of us before? We’ve been knocking the socks off our loyal customers for some time now, and we’re just glad you’ve finally found us.

Mitragyna Speciosa for Sale in Canada

It really couldn’t be easier to order your legal mitragyna speciosa from Original Harvest. We package everything in sealed (and resealable) bags that guarantee freshness, plus our products are shipped right to you when they get to us from our organic partner farm in Indonesia. Whether you’re hunting for red vein, green vein, or white vein mitragyna, we have what you need. More than 50 strains in total, including yellow varieties and potent, extra-strength combinations.

Learn About Mitragyna Speciosa

Mostly here to learn? That’s great, because Original Harvest has a large collection of informative resources on our site, and we’re always working to bring you more helpful facts and tips about kratom.

Is Mitragyna Speciosa Legal in Canada

Canadians luck out in that most products like kratom are federally governed, unlike the US where every state seems to have different laws about everything! You’ll be happy to hear Canada allows the purchase and use of mitragyna speciosa – products do need to be labeled “not for human consumption” though, as the product is intended as an aromatherapy ingredient. Don’t worry – all our strains have this disclaimer, and it doesn’t make a difference in the rigorousness of our lab testing, or the organic nature of the product.

The Best Kratom Strains in Canada

Original Harvest has more than 50 strains available, each one of them for sale as powder or leaf (we don’t currently offer capsules in Canada – sorry!). Whether you’re in the market for something relaxing and stress-relieving like Red Vein Bentuangie or something more energizing and uplifting like White Vein Sumatra, you’ll find it — affordable and accessible — in our store. Here are just a few more examples of what we have to offer:

  • Green Vein Super Indo mitragyna speciosa powder
  • Yellow Malaysian mitragyna speciosa leaf
  • 10x Thai Extract mitragyna speciosa powder

What is kratom, exactly?

We’re glad you asked! It’s always good to know what you’re buying.

Kratom is a member of the coffee family, which is where it gets its naturally stimulating properties. But this life-changing Southeast Asian plant does more than just serve as a caffeine substitute (in locations where consumption is legal). Added to soaps and lotions it has wonderful topical properties, and when taken mixed in water or juice, or baked into food, mitragyna speciosa can be used as an herbal alternative or supplement to treatments for anxiety, high stress, poor digestion, and even cancer. Many people turn to kratom to beat fatigue and — on the other side of the coin — prompt sleep. It’s a pretty amazing plant!

“I’m really impressed with this company. I got my kratom quickly, and the person I talked to on the phone was really patient. I felt safe and secure ordering from here.”
Nancy K.,

Ontario, Canada

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