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Buy Mitragyna in Chilliwack

You can buy your high quality Chilliwack Mitragyna speciosa from Original Harvest by easily ordering from us online. All of our products are made with our 100% certified organic leaves that are harvested from our partner farm in Indonesia. Once your payment is confirmed, your order will be shipped directly to your door, so there’s no hassle involved. We offer more than 50 strains of this therapeutic supplement that can help assist in the treatment of a number of symptoms and ailments.

What effects does Mitragyna speciosa provide?

Mitragyna speciosa offers a number of therapeutic benefits that can help manage a number of issues and ailments. This ancient herbal supplement is incredibly versatile, offering both sedative and stimulating benefits for the users. Because of these qualities, this is a great supplement for enhancing energy and elevating mood, while different strains or different dosages can help treat sleeping disorders and provide a feeling of relaxation. In addition to these benefits, Mitragyna speciosa is also a great pain reliever, as the alkaloids in the leaf are able to affect the same pain receptors that make opioids so effective in pain relief. Because of the similar pain relieving effects, Mitragyna speciosa has become increasingly popular of late as a treatment for opioid dependence, as Mitragyna does not pose a risk to the respiratory system as opioids do. This supplement has also been known to help ease anxiety and depression, PTSD, digestion issues, chronic fatigue, and even skin conditions.  

Is it legal to purchase Chilliwack Mitragyna speciosa?

Yes, it is legal to purchase Mitragyna speciosa in Chilliwack and all across Canada. While the laws surrounding this supplement differ all over the world, it remains legal to buy and sell in Canada, though retailers must follow some regulations. Packages of kratom products must be labelled as “not suitable for human consumption” in order to comply with government regulations.

Where does Mitragyna speciosa originate?

Mitragyna speciosa comes from the large glossy leaves of the MItragyna speciosa tree, which is native to regions of Southeast Asia. These trees can grow up to 82 feet tall, and one thing that determines strain, in addition to the colour of the leaf vein or the curing process, is the location to which the tree is native. At Original Harvest, we’re proud to offer strains from over a dozen different regions, including:

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Borneo
  • Bali
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Riau
  • The Kapuas River region of Indonesia

Chilliwack Mitragyna speciosa for sale

When you visit us online, your Chilliwack Mitragyna speciosa is just a few clicks away from being yours! We deliver to customers all over Canada, and every order comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

“You have to check out Original Harvest! They have the best kratom products for the best products. I’ve ordered a few times now and I always get my order right on time. They have a better selection than anything you’ll be able to find in store.”
Derek W.,

Chilliwack, Canada

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