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Buy Mitragyna in Kitchener

Buying Kitchener Mitragyna speciosa is easy when you order online from Original Harvest. We offer a number of easy and safe payment options including Bitcoin and interac e-transfer, and all orders are delivered right to our customers’ doors. We’re excited to be able to deliver our high quality Mitragyna speciosa powders and leaves too all of our customers across Canada. We lab-test all of our strains to ensure quality and purity, which means we can guarantee that all of our products are 100% certified organic and free of additives and fillers.

Can Mitragyna speciosa help with insomnia?

Mitragyna speciosa can help with a number of conditions, and the sedative properties of this herbal supplement make it a great option for individuals who suffer from insomnia. However, if you’re looking for relief from insomnia specifically, it is important to research which strains will be the most effective as a sedative. While different strains have different effects, there are some strains that are very versatile, and can provide both sedative and stimulation benefits depending on the dosage. In addition to assisting with insomnia, kratom has also been known to assist with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Skin conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Poor digestion
  • Joint and muscle pain  

Is Kitchener Mitragyna speciosa legal to buy?

The legality of Mitragyna speciosa varies depending on where you are in the world. Luckily, this fascinating supplement is legal to buy and sell in Canada, though it is subject to some regulations. In Canada, retailers must label all kratom products as “not suitable for human consumption.”

Where does Mitragyna speciosa grow?

The Mitragyna speciosa tree, from which kratom is produced, is native to many regions of Southeast Asia. The tree is capable of growing up to 82 feet, and the large, glossy green leaves that are harvested can get up to 8 inches long and 5 inches wide. At Original Harvest, we sell strains that come from over a dozen different regions of the world, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bali, Borneo, and Vietnam. All of our products are produced from our organic partner farm in Indonesia, where we carefully tend and harvest our leaves.

Kitchener Mitragyna speciosa for sale

If you’re interested in Kitchener Mitragyna speciosa then visit Original Harvest to learn more about this ancient herbal supplement. We offer the most extensive selection of kratom products available in North America, with more than 50 strains available in both powder and leaf forms. You can order online from us at any time, and reach out to our customer service team with any questions or concerns you may have. We’re so confident you’ll love our products, that every order comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

“Original Harvest by far has the best kratom products, and for the cheapest prices! I’ve been ordering from here for a few months now and am only more impressed with each purchase. I haven’t had a coffee in months, and I’ve been more productive than ever. I definitely recommend giving this site a chance!”
Ashley B.,

Kitchener, Canada

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