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Is Mitragyna speciosa safe for addiction treatment?

Both excellent at relieving pain and providing clean-burning energy without the uncomfortable jitters, there are a number of therapeutic benefits provided by this all-natural herbal supplement, and now you can buy Mitragyna speciosa in Delaware!

These benefits include the ability to aid in the withdrawal process from opioid medications. Why is kratom so effective at treating opiate addiction? The chemical makeup of the plant is what makes it so unique, and so successful at this task.

M. speciosa leaves contain chemicals called alkaloids, and these alkaloids, specifically mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, are considered opioid receptor agonists, reacting with the opioid receptors in the brain to produce effects such as pain relief, euphoria, and stimulation. These effects are similar to those provided by opioid medications, which means that M. speciosa is an ideal replacement for these more powerful opiate derivatives. Many patients report successfully tapering down their prescription use or withdrawing from these medications all together with the use of M. speciosa. You can buy potent and effective Mitragyna speciosa powders, capsules, and leaf products for delivery to Delaware when you shop online with Original Harvest Kratom.

Which are the best kratom strains for addiction?

When it comes to this herbal remedy, you’ll notice there are more than a few strains of kratom to choose from, though this does not mean that all are well suited to addiction recovery. In general, Borneo strains tend to be one of the go-to varieties, because of its high level of 7-hydroxymitragynine, the alkaloid responsible for most of the sedative and pain relieving qualities of the plant.

Buy Mitragyna speciosa in Delaware

Can I legally get Mitragyna speciosa in Delaware?

With the opioid crisis in the United States reaching a fever pitch, the call for alternative therapies has never been louder or stronger, and M. speciosa offers an attractive alternative to individuals who have been unsuccessful with other treatment methods. Though the Poison Control Center has received less than a dozen calls Mitragyna speciosa, it prompted the DEA to kick off a campaign to classify this herbal remedy as a Schedule 1 narcotic. Kratom advocates know that this plant is safe and effective when used responsibly (i.e. in moderation and not in conjunction with other substances), and presented Congress with petition signed by 140,000 people in defence of kratom. Congress stopped the DEA’s motion, and Mitragyna speciosa is legal to purchase and use in Delaware.

Mitragyna speciosa for sale in Delaware

Whether you want to treat an opioid addiction, chronic pain, sleep disorders like insomnia, or are looking for a boost of energy during the day without the caffeine jitters, kratom might be exactly for you. You can order the best quality powders, capsules, and leaf when you buy Mitragyna speciosa in Delaware from Original Harvest Kratom. We carry a varied selection of popular and potent strains, all cultivated by a team of experts at our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia. Our products lab tested to guarantee authenticity and freshness. We delivery anywhere in the United States, and provide a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to our valued customers.

“I really don’t think you could find anything better for relief than kratom. I weaned off my prescription meds with this, and now I mix Green and White Borneo to help with my chronic pain (which was why I was on scripts in the first place). I don’t think I could do my job if I didn’t have kratom. I can get through the day without pain and without feeling foggy or tired. It’s like I have my life back, and I have Original Harvest to thank.”
Arthur Y.,

Delaware, USA

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