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Natural alternatives to expensive, side-effect heavy, and sometimes dangerous pharmaceuticals are gaining in popularity, a trend that began many years ago and seems likely to only continue its trajectory. While pharmaceutical companies continue to explore the potential of using natural ingredients — or synthesized versions of natural ingredients — in their medications, people around North America are looking to the source: the trees and other plants that have delivered these beneficial products for centuries. That’s where Waukegan mitragyna speciosa comes in.

At Original Harvest, we sell dozens of kratom strains that range in their potency and therapeutic properties. From stimulating strains that help you fight fatigue and get through your day with mild to moderate pain relief to sedating strains that put insomnia to bed and offer incredible easement of chronic pain symptoms, we have what you (and your body) need.

What is mitragyna speciosa powder?

The leaves of the mitragyna speciosa plant grow on a tall tree native to the swampy tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia — countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Our partner farm in Indonesia collects these plants from all the various regions and cares for and cultivates them together in an environment carefully tended by people who have been working with mitragyna speciosa for decades.

Kratom leaves can be harvested at various times, and the time at which they are plucked from the tree in part determines the balance of healing compounds — alkaloids — currently present. For example, if the leaves are harvested when the veins are reddish in color, they offer more potent sedating and pain-relieving effects. Harvesting the leaves when the veins are green or white provides more stimulating effects. Interestingly, this is likely the time at which people native to kratom’s home regions would harvest the leaves, which they often chewed raw to alleviate the ache brought on my manual labor and keep them mentally energized for the long workday.

Kratom powder is the result of drying, curing, and grinding the kratom leaves. Because it is the vein, not the leaf, color that determines the variety, different veins of kratom are not different colors, but they certainly offer a wide range of benefits.

What are mitragyna speciosa capsules?

Our mitragyna speciosa capsules contain the same 100% pure, lab-tested, organic kratom powder you can buy in bags. The powder is measured, weighed, and packed into 100% vegan capsules to give you a taste- and fuss-free option for kratom that also makes dosing easy.

Can I grow my own kratom?

Kratom is native to tropical rainforest regions of Southeast Asia, so it should come as no surprise that the climate in North America is not ideal to growing this somewhat finicky healing plant. Though it is certainly possible to procure kratom seeds or seedlings, and the tree may grow, it is difficult to say how potent the alkaloids would be in such a home-grown plant, as these compounds come as much from the air and soil of the native growing location as they do the genetics themselves.

Why not place your order for Waukegan mitragyna speciosa today and discover the benefits of natural health.

“I have placed multiple orders with Original Harvest now, and I never fail to be impressed by the speed of their delivery. I have one time gotten the wrong powder, and all it took as a quick call and they assured me the correct strain was on its way – and it got there just as fast as the rest. Definitely impressed.”

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Illinois, USA

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