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Soothing Red Vein Mitragyna Speciosa

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What are Mitragyna speciosa alkaloids?

Every herbal supplement relies on the presence of naturally occurring chemicals to produce their unique and potent effects. Marijuana has cannabinoids, chemicals that work with the body’s existing endocannabinoid system and offers a wide range of medical benefits. Mitragyna speciosa benefits from the presence of chemicals called alkaloids, opioid receptor agonists that attach to opioid receptors in the brain to provide pain relief, euphoria, stimulation, and sedation. Find top quality Mitragyna speciosa powders, capsules, and loose-leaf supplements in Covington when you shop online with Original Harvest Kratom.

Buy Mitragyna speciosa in Covington

There is still much research to be done into the efficacy of Mitragyna speciosa, but thanks to dedicated researchers, we do have preliminary information about the alkaloidal differences between strains that grow in different regions, and how these differences contribute to the different and unique effects of each strain. While we wait for more in-depth studies, we can rely on anecdotal evidence to understand the differences between Green, White, Yellow, and Red Vein kratom strains.

Is kratom considered sedative?

One of the unique and wonderful things about kratom is that this plant can be either stimulating or sedating, depending on the dose taken. Though some strains are considered “fast”, meaning they will providing clean-burning energy that can also help improve focus and mood, others are “slow”, providing deep relaxation and pain relief. Mitragyna speciosa strains like

Are well known for their ability to relax the body and mind, treating chronic and acute pain, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, migraines, and more, and are best suited for use in the evening or at night, as they may help you drift into a deep and restful sleep.

Is it legal to buy Mitragyna speciosa in Covington?

Buying Mitragyna speciosa supplements in Covington is a recognized practice, and remains legal, thanks to the tireless efforts of kratom advocates across the United States. Though the federal government, through the DEA, considers the kratom plant a supplement of concern, many stand behind the herb’s healing prowess, understanding that with responsible use it’s not only safe but extremely effective.

Buy Mitragyna speciosa in Covington

Powerful relief and convenience at your fingertips – what more could you ask for? Buying top quality Mitragyna speciosa powders, capsules, and leaf supplements online is easy and safe when you shop with Original Harvest Kratom, one of the only kratom vendors in the United States to test every batch of kratom we receive to guarantee authenticity and freshness. Grown and cared for by our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia, our M. speciosa products are pure – no fillers, no additives. We carry a range of strains ideal for any clinical application, and ship nationwide. Don’t forget – we want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase. Even if you get it wrong the first time, you can take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee that allows you to return any unopened package for a refund.

“I opted for the Super Indo Red Vein because I needed something really strong to help with my pain and this did the trick, absolutely. I like that I don’t feel groggy or awful in the morning like I have after taking some prescription meds. I have to say I’m so impressed with this strain I’m looking forward to trying what else is available on Original Harvest, most likely a White or a Green to see if it affects my focus. Many thanks for providing such a great product, it’s really changed my life!”
Tom W.,

Covington, USA

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