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What is Yellow Vein Mitragyna speciosa?

There are many varieties of Mitragyna speciosa, which can be attributed to the versatile nature of this potent plant. Red, Green, White, Yellow… What do all of these strain titles mean? In some cases they refer to the color of the veins and stems of the plant at the time of harvest, while in others, as is the case with Yellow Vein Mitragyna speciosa, the title refers to the process. Yellow Vein kratom is not made from yellow-veined leaves, but from a combination of Green Vein and White Vein leaves. To create Yellow Vein Mitra products, the leaves are stacked and cured using a special method that involves fermentation, which alters the alkaloids naturally present in the leaves. For top quality Yellow Vein Portland Mitragyna speciosa capsules and powders, shop online with Original Harvest Kratom – we deliver.

What are the effects of Yellow Vein kratom?

The effects of Yellow Vein Mitragyna speciosa are similar to those provided by the White Vein strains. The process utilizes younger leaves which by their nature have slightly more energizing effects.


How do you use Mitragyna speciosa?

In Southeast Asia, where Mitragyna was discovered and grows abundantly, the leaves of the plants were traditionally chewed or brewed into a tea in order to experience its potent effects. In America, patients can use Original Harvest’s certified organic kratom powders by brewing them into a tea or mixing them into a smoothie or juice to mask the rather strong flavor, or our capsules, which tend to be easier to swallow.

Is it legal to buy Mitragyna in Portland?

Mitragyna speciosa has been growing in popularity since it first started showing up in the US in the early 2000s. American’s advocate in favor of this ancient herbal remedy because of its potent analgesic properties, and stood against the DEA in 2016 when the federal agency attempted to classify Mitra as a Schedule 1 narcotic. The agency was unsuccessful in their attempt, and it is legal for residents of Portland to purchase and use Mitragyna speciosa.

Kratom for sale in Portland

Now’s the time to go online and purchase the best quality Portland Mitragyna speciosa powders and capsules available on the market, and you’ll find them when you visit the Original Harvest Kratom online shop. Top notch Mitragyna speciosa doesn’t come from just anywhere, and our certified organic products are cultivated by a team of experts in the field at our partner farm in Indonesia. We lab test all of our products to ensure authenticity for our customers, and ship anywhere in the US where kratom is legal for purchase. Not completely satisfied with the order you’ve placed? We offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, allowing customers to return any unopened package for a refund.

“I can’t believe I’ve only just learned about Mitragyna, but I thought I’d give it a try since I have debilitating arthritis. I was obviously sceptical at first. Hard to believe that something so simple could actually work but after only a few doses I didn’t even need to take my normal meds! I think they’re way better than pharmaceuticals. I’ll be shopping with Original Harvest from now on.”
Jack H.,

Portland, USA

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