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What are fast, medium, and slow Mitragyna speciosa strains?

There’s a lot about Mitragyna speciosa that can be confusing. This one-time little-known plant has been thrust into the spotlight thanks to its growing popularity in North America. The fact that there are so many different strains can be overwhelming, but add to that the fact there are fast, medium, and slow strains as well? You’ll feel like you’re in over your head. No bother, at Original Harvest, we want to make sure you’re as clear and sorted on which Mitragyna speciosa strains to buy when you’re in Boston (online from our website of course, we will deliver your order to your front door), so we’ll give you a brief rundown of what fast, medium, and slow strains are.

Mitragyna speciosa for sale in Boston

The terminology “fast”, “medium”, and “slow” does not refer to how quickly a strain will affect you, but more to the “effects speed”.

“Slow” Mitragyna is relaxing and sedative. They’re best for people who need help to slow down their mind and unwind. They are also good for enhancing mood, calming nerves, and building confidence.


White Vein Kali

“Medium” or “moderate” kratom strains are better for reducing stress and improving social interactions. They provide effects between those of fast and slow, but don’t leave you feeling fatigued or anxious. Use moderate strains for overall well-being.


Hulu Kapuas Yellow Vein

Bentuangie Red Vein

“Fast” kratom is potent, and the effects are very sensitive. They provide effects closets to those of opioid medications, such as euphoria and energy elevation, but can also ease pain, opiate withdrawal, and more. Opt for fast strains if you suffer from stress or anxiety, chronic and severe pain conditions like fibromyalgia, or need to boost your mental motivation.


Super Indo Green Vein

Sumatra White Vein

Can I legally use kratom in Boston?

Kratom supplements are safe and effective, though there have been rumors that this plant – which has been used for centuries by the locals of Southeast Asia – is dangerous. It’s important to note that there have been no negative reports of responsible Mitragyna speciosa use. We must stress that Mitragyna should not be combined with other substances, such as alcohol, weed, or other prescription medications which might exaggerate the sedative effects of this particular plant.

You can legally purchase and use Mitragyna speciosa supplements in Boston, Massachusetts.

Buy Mitragyna speciosa in Boston

There is no better place to buy Mitragyna speciosa powders, capsules and leaves than online with Original Harvest Kratom, one of the Net’s most reputable retailers of top quality kratom. We have compiled a diverse list of certified organic supplements, all cultivated by our partner farm in Indonesia. We lab test every product to ensure authenticity, and package every order to guarantee freshness during transit. We ship anywhere in North America where Mitragyna speciosa is legal, and offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on any unopened order.

“I’ve been using Original Harvest mitra for about 2 months now. So I’ve always found it tough to use the powders – they taste awful! Caps go down a lot easier, which made it so much easier to take my favorite strain, White Vein Maeng Da.”
Adam E.,

Boston, USA

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