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What is a Mitragyna speciosa “legal high”?

You may have heard of Mitragyna speciosa (or more likely of kratom, which it is also known), an ancient herb out of Southeast Asia that Americans have been turning too as a source of all-natural and effective pain relief. But, understandably, you may not know it in this context, as there are some outlets pushing that Mitragyna speciosa is more of a “legal high” than a potent therapeutic aid. What is a “legal high”? This refers to a product that can produce euphoric effects but is not regulated by the government. True, kratom plants do offer their own unique positive and mood-lifting side effects, which are similar to opiate drugs, and, though they may be abused in countries like Thailand for this specific reason, those that know and respect the true prowess of the tropical plant agree that the benefits lie in its ability to heal the body as opposed to harming it. When you want to purchase top quality Mitragyna speciosa powders, capsules, and loose-leaf supplements, shop online with a reputed vendor like Original Harvest Kratom and you’re guaranteed authentic and potent products every order. Plus, we deliver to your door!

Mitragyna speciosa for sale in Minneapolis

Found growing in abundance across countries of Southeast Asia like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, the locals of these locales have been turning to the plant for generations to make use of the clean-burning energy and significant reduction in pain provided when the leaves are ingested. There is historical evidence of misuse and abuse by these indigenous people, though responsible use of this supplement can prove extremely beneficial to a wide range of patients with a wide range of medical conditions that have been untreatable by traditional methods.

How long does it take to feel the effects of kratom?

Once ingested, it will typically take anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes for a patient to begin to feel relief when they’re taking Mitragyna speciosa, and the effects can last anywhere from two to five hours, depending on the dose taken. It’s important to remember that at a low dose, kratom can have stimulating effects that are known to increase sociability and alertness, while at higher doses it is more like an opioid medication, with effects like:

  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Sedation or sleepiness
  • Less pain
  • Relaxation
  • Mood enhancement

Misuse of M. speciosa can quickly lead to a patient developing a tolerance or abuse disorder, however, and it is highly recommended that it be used only when necessary, that patients take tolerance breaks, and that if you must take it on a daily basis (as a treatment for chronic pain or to ease the symptoms of withdrawal from opiate medications) that you consider mixing up your strains in order to give your body a break from the potent chemicals, called alkaloids, which deliver the healing effects.

Is it legal to buy Mitragyna speciosa in Minneapolis?

Though Mitragyna speicosa is legal to purchase and use in Minneapolis for the time being, proponents of the plant in the state wait with baited breath as a recent bill put forth to ban kratom gets its day in court. Countless patients are unhappy about this development, as thousands of North American’s believe the herbal remedy to do as much good as other controversial herbal products like cannabis.

Buy Mitragyna speciosa in Minneapolis

Purchasing any supplement online can be daunting – do you know what you’re getting? You can always trust the Mitragyna speciosa powders, capsules, and loose-leaf supplements in Minneapolis when you shop with Original Harvest Kratom, we’re the only company in North America to lab-test every batch of kratom that comes through our doors to guarantee that what we ship out to our customers is authentic and pure. Grown in beautiful and fertile Indonesia by our certified organic partner farm, our M. speciosa is carefully packaged to ensure freshness on delivery, and we ship anywhere in the United States. We also provide our customers with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which allows you to return any unopened package for a refund.

“I got a very good, overall calming and well-being feeling from this Super Indo Red. A lot of people mentioned it and I have to agree, it has mood boosting effects when you don’t take too much, and the more you take the more pain relief you’ll notice. It’s a nice way to relax, I feel better about taking this than any RX option. I prefer the caps, the powder itself is horrible! I had a hard time getting it down, even when I mixed it with chocolate milk like some people recommend.”
Greg P.,

Minneapolis, USA

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