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What was Mitragyna speciosa traditionally used for?

Every culture has their secret remedies and herbal supplements, and Southeast Asia is no different. In countries like Bali, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Thailand, the locals have turned to the Mitragyna speciosa tree – a member of the coffee plant family – for its ability to provide clean-burning energy and relaxation. This comes in handy for farmers and peasants, used to a typically laborious workday. A dose of Mitragyna speciosa, or kratom as it is also known, can help beat back fatigue and the pain associated with a repetitive workload. Interested in incorporating Mitragyna speciosa capsules, powders, or loose-leaf supplements into your life? Visit Original Harvest Kratom online for top quality, pure kratom strains that are available for delivery across the United States.

Mitragyna speciosa for sale in Columbia

Traditionally, the fresh leaves of the plant were harvested and chewed, in some cases, upwards of 30 leaves a day. The leaves can also be brewed into a strong tea, which tends to be more energizing than analgesic. Today, the leaves are dried, cured, and crushed into a powder that can be used in tea, added to smoothies or chocolate milk (to mask the bitter flavor), made into capsules, or other products like tinctures and liquids.

What makes kratom so potent?

The medical and recreational benefits of kratom are attributed to the presence of chemical alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which develop naturally within the leaves of the plant at different concentrations depending on where the plant grows. These alkaloids are considered opioid receptor agonists, and react with the opioid receptors in our brain. The result is an effect not unlike those experienced when using opioid medications like oxycodone and codeine, though they are far less dangerous and have not been associated with fatal side effects like respiratory distress.

Is Mitragyna speciosa legal in Columbia?

Mitragyna speciosa has been making a name for itself since 2004 when it was first noted in the holistic community, but recently has made headlines as the government makes moves to regulate the sale and use of the product. Considered safe when used responsibly (by not combining with other medications that might exacerbate its sedative effects, taking it only when necessary, or, if you must take it more regularly, employing tolerance breaks or alternating strains to avoid dependency issues).

Buy Mitragyna speciosa in Columbia

The Internet has put the world at our fingertips, and accessing all-natural supplements like kratom has never been easier. Unfortunately, there are a number of imitators out there, but the only place to get pure, authentic Mitragyna speciosa powders, capsules, and loose-leaf supplements in Columbia when you shop online with Original Harvest Kratom – the only company in North America to lab test every batch of kratom that arrives at our facility from our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia. Let us join you on your journey to optimal health. Shop our varied selection of potent strains, ideal for a wide range of situations. Your order can be shipped anywhere in North America, and we offer our customers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee that allows all customers to return any unopened package for a refund.

“Overall, shopping with Original Harvest has been very positive. I am happy with the capsules I’ve ordered, they arrived on time, none appeared to be damaged. I like to use a red variety at night, and sometimes I use a white during the day, but not often. Mostly, I needed help with sleep. I should say sometimes I find the results to be a little inconsistent, although it may have something to do with me more than the kratom. I notice that when I am more tired at the end of the day, the effects aren’t quite as strong. I’m considering an extract as my next purchase.”
Julia S.,

Columbia, USA

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