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High-Quality Mitragyna Speciosa

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Subtle Green Vein Mitragyna Speciosa

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Best Mitragyna Speciosa in Reno

Buy mitragyna speciosa in Reno- it’s easier than ever thanks to Original Harvest, Reno’s trusted provider of kratom leaves, kratom powders and kratom capsules. We’re pleased to offer the largest selection high-quality kratom in the country. With over 52 mitragyna speciosa strains in the red, white, green and yellow varieties, you’re sure to find a therapeutic kratom product that suits your needs, including:

  • Red Vein Maeng Da kratom capsules
  • White Vein Borneo kratom leaf
  • Green Vein Horned kratom powder
  • Thai 10x kratom extract leaf
  • Yellow Bali kratom powder

Why buy mitragyna speciosa online from Original Harvest Kratom? Our all-natural kratom products are carefully sourced from our certified organic farm Indonesia and lab-tested for purity before reaching your Reno, Nevada mailbox. And with our 30-day money back guarantee, you’re safe if you change your mind! We care about the health and happiness of our customers, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-855-550-HERB (4372) with any questions, comments or for assistance.

What do the different mitragyna speciosa colors represent?

If you were to examine a kratom plant up close, you’ll notice there can be different vein colors along the stem of the leaf. The most commonly known vein colors are white, green and red.

White and green vein mitragyna typically provide an energetic kratom high, whereas red veins are known to produce more of a sedating effect. For example, green vein kratom is popular amongst athletes, as it can assist with clarity and endurance. White vein mitragyna like our White Vein Hulu Kapuas  is known as a “fast” strain, often used as an alternative to coffee.

Red vein mitragyna speciosa is of the “slow” variety of strains. This is in large part due to the fact that it contains higher levels of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine, responsible for providing its analgesic effects. Red vein varieties are therefore typically used as a natural alternative for pain-relief, an aid for opiate withdrawals and can even provide relief from stress and anxiety symptoms.

The yellow strain is more rare and isn’t actually made from kratom leaves that have yellow veins. Instead the powder is derived from mature kratom leaves found on the Bali kratom tree, which are cured in a unique manner, under special conditions to get intense, high-quality effects.  

Our Yellow Bali Kratom Powder is the perfect choice for people who want something in between the slow, sleep-inducing and pain-banishing sedation of Red Vein Bali and the moderate effect of Green Vein Bali. Go for this strain if you want to have a relaxing day or evening, but don’t want to feel drowsy.

Mitragyna speciosa Laws in Reno

Mitragyna speciosa is considered to be a legal psychoactive substance across the state of Nevada. There are no restrictions, nor is a doctor’s prescription necessary to purchase kratom related products. That’s right, you’re free to buy as much mitragyna speciosa online as you need from Original Harvest Kratom, 24/7.

Where to get Reno Mitragyna speciosa

While it’s possible to find places to buy mitragyna speciosa in Reno, why bother leaving the comfort of your home when you can buy kratom online from a reputable provider like Original Harvest Kratom? Our all-natural kratom powders, capsules and leaves are far more superior to any mitragyna product you’ll find sold at your local head shop. For 100% pure, premium kratom delivered right to your Reno, Nevada doorstep, look no further than Original Harvest.

“As a veteran with PTSD, I’m grateful that mitragyna speciosa is accessible for those of us who prefer a natural alternative to prescription meds. I’ve experimented with a bunch of different strains and so far have yet to be disappointed with my orders from you. I find their White Vein Malay is the best for a subtle euphoria. For the muscles, Sumatra or Borneo works wonders”.
Sam W.,

Nevada, USA

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