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Why buy mitragyna speciosa from Original Harvest?

At Original Harvest, we sell only 100% pure Utica mitragyna speciosa — that means it’s not pumped up with additives or fillers. While these substances are usually relatively safe and just used to stretch a seller’s stock further, they can also be dangerous — anything that is unknown to the user could result in negative interactions with body chemistry or existing medications. Protect your checkbook and your health by choosing the pure kratom sold at OHK. Our products are also all shipped fresh, lab-tested, and completely organic.

How does kratom work?

Kratom has alkaloids that interact with certain pathways in the body that can block and encourage the production of bad and good natural compounds the body produces. As a result, they can affect things like inflammation and insomnia by preventing or altering the chemical reactions that occur to cause these issues. With both stimulating and sedating qualities, it’s no wonder so many people have turned to kratom. If you have trouble sleeping because of chronic pain, kratom is a no-brainer. A sedating dose can help you nod off, and a stimulating dose can ease any lack of sleep you might experience. Most varieties offer some degree of pain relief, as well, to tackle the cause directly.

What conditions can kratom treat?

Kratom can treat a wide range of conditions. Perhaps the use for which it is becoming best known, at least in North America, is opioid withdrawal. Because kratom acts on the same pathways as opioids, it can help mitigate the effects people experience as they come off their prescription or recreational drugs. By easing the symptoms without the high risk of overdose, kratom offers a natural alternative that is likely to grow in popularity and medical acceptance as more research goes forward.

In addition to this major benefit, kratom is also a good choice for people who want to supplement or perhaps even replace their treatments for conditions such as sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, inflammatory conditions, and much more.

How can I pay for my mitragyna speciosa?

It’s easy to pay for your kratom in the way that’s easiest for you, when you place your order with Original Harvest. First of all, if you’re not a fan of giving out your information online, never hesitate to give us a call and place an order through the mail. You can either order from us over the phone and then mail your payment, or request that a paper order form be shipped to you and pay and order this way. If you choose the latter option, always make sure you have including all the correct information and sent the right payment amount, as any errors will delay your order. We definitely recommend browsing our vast selection of Utica mitragyna speciosa online, first, though, since that’s the best way to learn about the benefits of each strain and choose the best variety and quantity for your needs!

I’ve ordered kratom from a few different places now, and I’m definitely impressed with the selection and quality here. Not only did my order of green vein kratom — a few different strains — come quickly and was packaged discreetly, it was also incredibly fresh and I felt the benefits right away. Thank you.”

Bradley G.,

New York, USA

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