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Choosing Original Harvest as your source for Canton mitragyna speciosa as a great idea — and a great way to take your health into your own hands. A natural alternative and supplement with countless beneficial properties, mitragyna speciosa or kratom should only be purchased from a trustworthy company that can guarantee the quality of its product. Luckily, Original Harvest is one such company. All our kratom — dozens of strains — has been lab-tested and shipped to us fresh, direct from our 100% certified organic partner farm in Indonesia. Add to that the fact that our kratom is 100% pure (no fillers or additives that waste your money or cause adverse interactions), and the answer should be clear: buy your mitragyna speciosa from Original Harvest.

Is kratom legal?

It’s a sad truth that kratom is no longer allowed in many countries where it grows naturally — countries whose residents have turned to the leaves of the kratom tree for centuries, to alleviate muscle pain and fatigue and fight headache and digestive issues. Luckily, however, the plant remains legal for purchase in most states throughout the US. Though we are unable to provide specific dosage amounts due to the continued blocking from organizations like the FDA and DEA, kratom is classified as an herbal supplement and is sold in a variety of forms. The anecdotal evidence all over the internet only adds to the claims from the few studies, which point out that mitragyna speciosa is a healing plant that, when taken in small doses and used responsibly, could have huge impacts on the opioid crisis and the future of medicine.  

How do I order mitragyna speciosa online?

It’s easy to order Canton mitragyna speciosa online from Original Harvest. Simply read through our detailed product descriptions to find the strain best for you, decide on the type of leaf you want (powder, ground leaf, or capsules) and the amount you would like to order. Then just complete your checkout and wait! Your kratom will be on its way in days and you’ll soon have your herbal supplement at your door, discretely ready to start working for you.

Different types of mitragyna speciosa

Power, leaf, and capsule aren’t the only varieties we supply at Original Harvest. We carry a dozen kratom types, plus extra-strength options, and each type comes in four varieties that offer different therapeutic benefits. Red vein kratom is “slow” or sedating, often alleviating chronic pain and insomnia. White vein kratom is “fast” or energizing, banishing fatigue and mental fog. Green vein kratom is somewhere between the two, generally delivering mild to moderate pain relief and a touch of energy. Whatever your needs, there is a kratom strain out there for you, and our detailed product descriptions outline the most common benefits of every strain we offer.

“I love that kratom is a natural treatment for insomnia — and that it really works. I’ve been using the herbal supplement instead of melatonin for a number of weeks now, and I’m amazed at how rested I feel when I wake up in the morning. Good riddance to tossing and turning.”

Ruth W.,

Ohio, USA

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