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Once you find Original Harvest, there’s nowhere else to go. We carry the best selection of Beaumont mitragyna speciosa you’re likely to find in the country — and why wouldn’t you order your healing, all-natural kratom from the U.S., rather than overseas where you might have to deal with customs, duties, missing packages, hold ups, and questionable authenticity.

At Original Harvest, we sell only 100% pure, lab-tested mitragyna speciosa straight from the source — our organic partner farm in Indonesia. There, experts who have worked with these plants for years cultivate, harvest, and cure the finest pure kratom strains, and they have an enormous selection. Though based in Indonesia, they care for strains from all over Southeast Asia, so you end up with a vast number of options from which to choose.

What can I use mitragyna speciosa for?

There are many ailments for which people turn to natural products. Sometimes they seek out these alternatives because their pharmaceuticals aren’t working for them, or sometimes they worry about the effect long-term consumption of said medications could have on their bodies and minds. Indeed, in our current opioid crisis, it’s little wonder more and more people are looking for natural options that don’t come with terrifyingly high fatality rates.

While kratom, like any therapeutic product, requires care and mindfulness in treatment, anecdotal evidence points to it being considerably better than some opioids. People who use kratom wisely take small doses, take breaks when they can, and may only use the plant as a supplement to their existing medications, but even with these restrictions, it is making an incredible difference in the lives of thousands of individuals around the world.

What conditions can mitragyna speciosa treat?

Thanks to the varying balances of alkaloids in kratom, it can address a wide range of conditions depending on the strain. Stimulating green and white vein varieties offer relief from fatigue and mental grogginess, and some can relieve pain during the day, even while they’re helping you better exhaustion caused by chronic pain or other illness. Sedating strains (or higher doses of stimulating strains, though this is less recommended) can ease pain, encourage relaxation, and even eradicate insomnia. It’s all about the balance.

What is green vein kratom?

Generally considered to be the middle-of-the-road variety, green vein kratom is harvested when the veins of the leaves are greenish in color — this is when the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-HMG (and all the rest) are at a balance that promotes both mental clarity and pain relief. When a poor sleep leaves you dragging your feet, and chronic pain makes it even harder to lift them up, a green vein kratom strain could help. Relax without drifting off, and go about your day with less pain with strains like

Experience the benefits of Beaumont mitragyna speciosa by placing your order for organic, 100% pure kratom today. We ship quickly and discreetly, right to your door.

“I have tried a few strains of kratom now, and I’m definitely in the green vein camp. The Sumatra I ordered was surprisingly pain relieving despite the fact that it also killed some anxiety and made me feel a little energized, but not like coffee. I’ll definitely try it again.”

Randy T.,

Texas, USA

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