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All your kratom needs, delivered right to your door! Carrollton mitragyna speciosa (aka kratom) has never been easier to come by, thanks to Original Harvest. Stocking only the best in 100% pure, organic, lab-tested, and expert-cultivated kratom powders, leaf, and capsules — we’ve earned the right to brag a bit. Why not experience the benefits of all-natural herbal supplements folks all across North America are raving about. If that’s not enough of an endorsement, read on!

The Benefits of Mitragyna Speciosa

People have been using mitragyna speciosa or kratom for generations. Just because it only became popular in the Western world a few years ago doesn’t mean people more willing to accept the therapeutic properties the natural world has to offer haven’t long been utilizing this special plant. Though not allowed in many of its native countries — many believe due to its negative effect on the opioid trade — kratom has nonetheless been a go-to for native people of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and more for centuries. They chewed the leaves and brewed tea to alleviate chronic pain and digestive issues, and they wouldn’t have keep on doing it if it didn’t work, right?

Is Kratom Legal?

Good news! Kratom is legal to purchase in Carrollton, throughout Texas, and in much of North America. Though regulations to dictate exactly how much and which strains people should take for which ailments is still in progress, the internet is rife with people singing the praising of this unique plant and its many health benefits. Whether you need something stimulating or sedating, kratom (and the people here at Original Harvest) could help.

How does mitragyna speciosa work?

The alkaloids in kratom are what give it its powers. As you can learn in our dedicated blog post, alkaloids are organic compounds found in many different plants. We’ve long known that natural remedies can help the human body, and indeed, many synthetic pharmaceuticals use this fact to improve their potency. Kratom is no different. Alkaloids affect the body in various physiological ways. Many help – treating ailments like inflammation, pain, and immune disorders), while some hinder (atropine is a poison, but don’t worry, it’s not in kratom).

The single molecules that are alkaloids exist in almost everything and have been used in medicines for ages. Kratom contains a lot of alkaloids, but the most prevalent are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine or 7-HMG. These compounds exist in only tiny quantities in the plant, which is good since high levels of mitragynine can cause hallucinations, but even in their wee doses, they are powerful. The former can energize and improve mood, while the latter calms and eases pain.

How to order kratom online

As we mentioned, it’s really easy to order mitragyna speciosa from Original Harvest. You just choose your strain — and did we mention we carry dozens, all with unique healing capabilities? — select the quantity you want, and place your order. We don’t just offer a lot of strains, either. We also carry power, dried leaf, and 100% vegan capsules in every variety. Essentially, we can meet your needs, no worries. Place your order for Carrollton mitragyna speciosa today and receive your herbal supplements in as little as 3 days!

“I decided to try kratom for my chronic pain, on the advice of a few friends and a naturopathic doctor, and I’m very glad I did. While I can’t say it lets me completely stop using my prescription medications, it has helped me cut back and that has done wonders for my peace of mind.”

Joanna L.,

Texas, USA

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