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Where to purchase Mitragyna speciosa locally

Interested in buying Mesquite Mitragyna speciosa but not sure where to begin? Look no further than your home computer. The largest selection of premium Mitragyna speciosa products, in powder, extract and leaf form, in all of North America, can be found online on Original Harvest’s website. Each and every Mitragyna speciosa product sold by Original Harvest is pure and 100% certified organic. Shopping online for Mitragyna speciosa is easy, simple, and secure when you go to Original Harvest’s website.

What is Mitragyna speciosa?

Mitragyna speciosa is a powerful, all-natural compound that is derived from the fresh leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, which grows abundantly in Southeast Asia. You may have heard of kratom and be wondering what the differences are between Mitragyna speciosa and kratom, and the simple answer is that they are the same thing, Mitragyna speciosa is simply the scientific name. Fresh leaves of Mitragyna speciosa are shiny and green, and in the areas where the trees grow, locals have been known to enjoy chewing the fresh leaves for their stimulating properties. Some strains of Mitragyna speciosa (like green and white veined) are associated with providing energizing benefits, while others are more known for the sedating qualities.

Can you legally buy Mesquite Mitragyna speciosa?

Yes—Texas is a state where you can legally purchase Mitragyna speciosa and have it in your possession. Please note when ordering Mitragyna speciosa extract from Original Harvest that ours is not in liquid form, though it is made from extra strong leaves of Mitragyna speciosa. All of Original Harvest’s Mitragyna speciosa is grown in Indonesia, where our partner farm is located. Other countries where Mitragyna speciosa trees grow include Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Mitrayna speciosa is also legal in many other countries and states in the USA.

Mitragyna speciosa vs opioids

Mitragyna speciosa contains two alkaloids that are named Mitragynine and 7-HMG. These alkaloids interact with mu receptors in the brain and spinal cord, the very same mu receptors that opioids interact with. With Mitragyna speciosa, the reaction it causes spreads a strong sensation of pain dulling throughout the body. Though opioids and Mitragyna speciosa are often compared for their pain-fighting abilities, it is important to take note of the fact that Mitragyna speciosa does not have the potentially dangerous side effect of respiratory distress, making it a safer choice.

Mitragyna speciosa for energy

Some people who shop for Mesquite Mitragyna speciosa do so in order to gain energy. Many individuals find that they prefer the energy that Mitragyna speciosa provides to the caffeinated buzz they get from coffee or tea. Mitragyna speciosa is actually related to coffee. Other people find that Mitragyna speciosa provides them with motivation to take on a difficult task, or an improvement in their mood.

“Shopping for Mitragyna speciosa online with Original Harvest makes my life way simpler. I like the selection that they have and I know it will arrive on time, and be of high quality.”

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Mesquite, USA

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