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Where to find the best Mitragyna speciosa

Shopping for your favorite Pharr Mitragyna speciosa powders, Mitragyna speciosa extracts and Mitragyna speciosa leaves just got simpler. How? Because of Original Harvest. On Original Harvest’s website you’ll find the largest selection of premium Mitragyna speciosa products on the continent of North America, all of which are pure and 100% certified organic. All Original Harvest Mitragyna speciosa is grown in Indonesia and it is also tested in a laboratory to ensure that it meets our very high standards before being shipped out to our valued customers.

Why buy Mitragyna speciosa online?

Shopping online for your Original Harvest Mitragyna speciosa powders, extracts and leaves is secure and convenient. You can access our simple to use, safe website from the comfort of your own home, on your own computer. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is pick which strains of Mitragyna speciosa you’d like to add to your shopping cart. Once you finalize your order, the team at Original Harvest will get to work to fulfill and ship your order to you as quickly as possible. And, we make sure all packaging is discreet so that no nosy neighbors can figure out what’s inside. We even have a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Legality of Pharr Mitragyna speciosa extract

Texas is one of a large number of states in the USA where purchasing Mitragyna speciosa is legal. Mitragyna speciosa (which you may have also heard referred to as kratom, its non-scientific name) is a strong and all-natural compound that has the unique quality of acting as either a sedative or a stimulant, depending on the strain and the amount. Please note when shopping for Original Harvest Mitragyna speciosa extract that ours is made from very strong leaves of Mitragyna speciosa and it will not arrive in liquid form.

Uses for Mitragyna speciosa

As mentioned, Mitragyna speciosa is often utilized as either a stimulant or a sedative, depending on the strain chosen. For example, strains of Mitragyna speciosa that have either white veins or green veins are often purchased by Original Harvest customers who are hoping to enjoy an increase in their energy levels, an improvement in their mood, or an uptick in their motivation to take on an unpleasant task (like cleaning the bathroom, perhaps). Other strains are often chosen by people who are hoping to combat the pain that they may be feeling as a result of a serious medical condition, like depression or anxiety.

What does Mitragyna speciosa look like when fresh?

When leaves of Pharr Mitragyna speciosa are fresh (as opposed to dried), they appear shiny and green. These leaves can be found growing on tall trees in Southeast Asian countries that include Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, and Borneo.

“I like that I can shop at home at 2am for the Mitragyna speciosa strains that I like, and that I can try new ones, just as easily, with Original Harvest.”

Lisa R.,

Pharr, USA

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