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Where does mitragyna speciosa come from?

When you buy Waco mitragyna speciosa from Original Harvest, you know you’re getting it direct from the source. Rather than products jetsetting all over the world, growing stale and passing through goodness knows how many hands, Original Harvest orders all their kratom directly from a partner farm in Indonesia, and it is directly from this farm that we receive our products.

Mitragyna speciosa sold by Original Harvest is 100% pure, lab-tested, and hand-packaged. At the source, it is cultivated, harvested, and cured by experts in their field, and on our end, it is organized and delivered to customers right in our facilities. No middle man, and no fillers or additives that reduce the potency of your herbal product. Not only do additives waste your money and time, they can also be dangerous — there’s none of that in our kratom.

Is mitragyna speciosa legal in Texas?

The purchase of kratom remains legal in much of the United States. Though recent press has highlighted the potential dangers of overuse of kratom, the product is widely accepted as a safe and therapeutic herbal alternative to some medications – perhaps even opioids! Because mitragyna speciosa acts on the same receptors in the brain and body as opioids, but doesn’t pose the same terrible risks causing so many problems in this current climate, it has a lot of potential as a natural treatment for conditions such as anxiety and chronic pain, and could help alleviate drug withdrawal symptoms more safely.

How do I order kratom online?

Ordering your kratom powder, leaf, or capsules from Original Harvest is as easy as can be. Rather than making you jump through a bunch of technical hoops, we make it simple to select your strain, choose your quantities, checkout, pay, and chill. We do the rest, promptly packaging and shipping your mitragyna speciosa straight to your door. If you live on the west coast, delivery can take as a little as a couple of days, but we’ll ship orders all across the country as quickly as we can, too.

Every strain comes with a detailed product description so you know what that particular product is best for treating. While we cannot recommend dosages, we do want our customers to know as much as possible about the herbal supplement they are purchasing. Whether you opt for pure powders, ground leaf, or powder enclosed in 100% vegan capsules, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what kind of results you can expect, simply by taking a read through the informative pages on our site. From chronic pain, to insomnia, to aching hands due to arthritis, kratom can help.

Why are there different kratom strains?

The properties of a kratom strain differ based on two factors: when it was harvested, and the country of origin. Due to differences in soil content and more, kratom originating in Thailand, Indonesia, Malasia, and Bali have different ratios of the healing alkaloids that deliver the benefits of this plant. Additionally, alkaloids change if the strain is harvested when the veins of the leaves are red, green, or white. Though the color of the kratom usually doesn’t reflect this variation, the effects do. There is also yellow kratom, which is not a vein color but rather a curing technique that results in yet another alkaloid distribution. As a result, customers can choose from dozens of strains and potential benefits. Try your favorite variety of Waco mitragyna speciosa today!

“I was happy with the speed of my kratom order – it got to my door in just a few days after my payment went through. The packaging seems like it keeps the product fresh, and I have no complaint about the quality of the powder I ordered.”

Paul T.,

Waco, USA

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