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Can Mitragyna speciosa really be used to treat opioid withdrawal?

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In Southeast Asia, Mitragyna speciosa is often used by locals to boost energy and mental focus in situations that can be physically tiresome and tedious, but it has also been used as a therapeutic treatment for mild to moderate opium addiction. Many patients have reported that kratom has been beneficial in allowing them to gently and gradually wean of opiate medications, and this is thanks in part to the alkaloid mitragynine, which occurs naturally in the leaves of the plant. Mitragynine provides a healthy dose of pain relief, but can also help mitigate cravings and withdrawal by binding to the delta opioid receptors.

Is kratom safe?

Kratom, the common name for Mitragyna speciosa, may share some characteristics with opiate medications like codeine and fentanyl, but similarities end at the effects provided. Since it started gaining in popularity in North America in 2004, there have been no fatal incidents of responsible Mitragyna use reported.

Here we must mention that responsible Mitragyna speciosa use involves moderation, as well as not combining the supplement with any other substance or medication, particularly those like alcohol or other illicit substances which might exaggerate the sedative effects of Mitragyna. In addition, you should not drive, operate heavy machinery or engage in other risky activities when under the influence of kratom. Though not every kratom strains is considered sedative (Green and White veins are particularly energetic), the stimulating effects may give way to sedation after a while, or in larger doses.

What are the best Mitragyna speciosa strains?

One of the things you’ll notice when you peruse the strains available on Original Harvest is how vast your options are – with so many titles and types, it can be confusing! We wouldn’t say that one strain is better than the other, but certain strains are better suited to treating certain conditions, thanks to the unique levels of chemicals present in the different leaf strains.

  • For pain, opt for Red Vein Mitragyna strains like Maeng Da or Bali, both highly sought after and potent varieites.
  • For energy, Green or White vein Mitragyna strains, like Borneo and Thai, offer a clean boost without the uncomfortable, jittery side effects.
  • Yellow Vein Mitragyna strains, like Hulu Kapuas and Vietnam, lie somewhere in the middle of the two, providing energy, focus, and moderate pain relief all in one.

Can you legally purchase Mitragyna speciosa in Tacoma?

In Tacoma, Washington, Mitragyna speciosa supplements in both powder and capsule form is legal to purchase and use. Despite some mild opposition from the government (in 2016, the DEA attempted to make Mitragyna speciosa a Schedule 1 narcotic but Congress put a stop to the motion when they received a petition signed by 140,000 advocates demanding to have their say) hundreds of residents have already begun to experience the massive benefits associated with this potent plant.

Mitragyna speciosa for sale in Tacoma

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We carefully package every order so your purchase remains as fresh when you receive it as the day it was packed, and offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, allowing our customers to return any unopened package for a refund. Why wait? Buy mitragyna speciosa in Tacoma, today!

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