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Let’s face it, life is hard sometimes.  And we all have our crosses to bear. Many people suffer day in and day out from chronic pain, debilitating depression, humbling anxiety disorders, general fatigue, and frustrating insomnia.  These are just smattering of symptoms that Kratom can be used to combat, and for best results we recommend you buy kratom in Lethbridge online from Original Harvest.

Our company offers the largest variety of Mitragyna Speciosa, (Kratom), found anywhere in the market today.   When you align yourself with Original Harvest you are receiving a guaranteed organic product of the finest quality.  Ordering online is safe, and secure. We respect your privacy by shipping all of our orders in a generic package. You will never see any labels or markings on the package that would indicate what is inside.  

All orders are shipped with tracking numbers via Canada Post and will arrive at most destinations within 5 -7 business days.  If you are running low and need your order faster, make sure you check out our other options for delivery, such as Express Post.  Your entire order is shipped at one low flat rate price, no matter how many units you order.

Is Lethbridge Kratom Legal?

This is a very commonly asked questions, and the answer is yes.  You can buy, use and have in your possession Kratom legally at any time.  This is the same for anywhere across Canada. If you plan on traveling to the USA you would want to do your homework and brush up on which states are legal and which ones are not.   

You may be wondering, if it is legal, then what is the big deal about the generic packaging.  Original Harvest respects your privacy, not only do some people not necessarily want their friends, neighbors or postal person to know their business, it is also a deterrent for thieves if the product is left in your mailbox.

How Much Kratom Should I Use?

Unfortunately, there is no cut and dried answer for this question.  Every person will metabolize Lethbridge Kratom at a varying degree. Our experts have explained that if this is the first time you are trying Kratom, you should always start out with a little bit and see how it affects you.  Don’t forget the three different vein colors also have different properties as well.

  • Green vein strains are often a balance of energy and physical relaxation.
  • Red vein strains are primarily sedating.
  • White vein strains are especially stimulating.

You certainly would not want to use a red vein which would typically make you sleepy and deeply relaxed if you had a full day of work ahead of you.  A good tip for the novice user is to try it on a day that you don’t have anything planned or don’t have to go to work, get up early, or fall asleep early.  This will help you determine a proper dosage for yourself.

Red Vein Hulu Kapuas Kratom powder is a great sleep-inducing strain. Buy kratom in Lethbridge from us to learn more from helpful product descriptions and articles!

“I didn’t know where to turn after my doctor refused to give me more painkillers.  I couldn’t sleep and was always in agony. Thank you Original Harvest for giving me easy access to Kratom powder.  I can actually sleep, and have days that I am not suffering from terrible pain.”
Libby S

Lethbridge, Canada

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