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It’s easy to buy kratom in St. Albert with the help of Original Harvest.  Our catalog is the most extensive that you will find anywhere in North America.  The best thing about ordering your St. Albert Kratom from Original Harvest is that in a few short clicks of your mouse your order will be winging its way to your home in a matter of a few business days.  All of our shipments are sent via Canada Post and have tracking numbers in case it is needed.

Find the best Kratom in St. Albert

Original Harvest partners exclusively with a farm in Indonesia that provides us with a 100% organic pure Kratom powder.  While visiting our website you will see that there are over 52 varieties for you to choose from. If you are not keen on just using the powder, you can also get any of the varieties in capsule form. Capsules come 90 to a bottle and are 500 mg each.  Ideally, people who are new to using St. Albert Kratom should probably start with a minimal dosage which is 2 capsules per day.

If you have ever questioned the authenticity of the Kratom powder you have purchased in the past, you need not worry about that any longer.  Original Harvest guarantees that you will receive exactly what you ordered. Gone are the days of wondering if your supplier is a little shady.

Is Kratom Legal in St. Albert, Alberta?

Lucky for Canadians, Kratom can be purchased and used anywhere in the country. Labeling regulations require our product to sport a label that states ‘not for human consumption’.  This label is simply put there to make sure that people have done their homework and understand how much, or little they should be using, along with which strains and veins.

How can I use Kratom?

There are a number of different delivery methods that can be used for St. Albert Kratom.   Centuries ago, South East Asian cultures used to simply grab the leaves off of the tree and chew on them.  Eventually, they began making tea from the powder extracted from the dry leaves. Kratom, (otherwise known and Mitragyna Speciosa), has been helping people with ongoing negative symptoms for 100’s of years.  Kratom is often used to:

  • help people with chronic pain
  • encourage relaxation and sleep
  • fight fatigue in the morning
  • lessen symptoms of opioid withdrawal

If you are unsure what the best way is to use your St. Albert Kratom all you have to do is a Google search and you will find a variety of tried and true methods.  Further to that, you will find several exceptional videos on YouTube that will guide you through the Kratom experience. But first: buy kratom in St. Albert from Original Harvest!

“Can’t believe how much easier it is to buy my Kratom from Original Harvest. Quick, easy and from my own computer chair. No trudging around trying to make sure I’m dealing with someone reputable…knowledgeable staff..and fast delivery! AWESOME!!”
Ken C,

St.Albert, Canada

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