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Is kratom safer than opioid drugs?

BC is in the middle of an opioid crisis and many are hailing kratom as a saving grace. The Southeast Asian plant has been used for generations by the locals of countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Borneo as an all-natural energy booster, but the stimulating effects of kratom powders and kratom capsules (like those available for delivery when you buy kratom in Prince George from Original Harvest) are so close to those of opiate medications that is has successfully been used as a substitute for prescribed pain killers, and can even help patients to wean off of these medications.

Chemically, kratom, considered an opioid receptor agonist, works on the same receptors in the brain as opioid drugs, providing a potent analgesic effect, as well as euphoria, anxiety relief, mood enhancement, and more. Though it is possible to experience negative side effects or even addiction with kratom, these are significantly less dangerous than those that have been associated with opioid use.

How does kratom work for opioid withdrawal?

Although kratom works on the same receptors as opioids, it is not considered an opioid, but, as mentioned above, it is an opioid agonist, meaning that it will mimic the effects of drugs like heroin, morphine and codeine. Many individuals suffering from opioid addiction have discovered that kratom can help mitigate the uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal, and also limit their cravings. The therapeutic benefits of Mitragyna speciosa lie in its chemical makeup – the leaves of the plant are rich in chemicals called alkaloids, like mitragynine, which are potent and powerful in their own right.

What Mitragyna speciosa is good for opiate withdrawal?

There are many strains of kratom, but not are all will be suitable treatments for opiate withdrawal. Rather than engaging in a trial-and-error exercise, consider the following strains:

  • Red Vein Bali – the most euphoric and closest to opiate chemicals of the kratom strains
  • Maeng Da – originating in Thailand, this strain is energizing and has significant pain killing effects
  • Red Vein Thai – similar to Bali, Thai Red Vein has fewer negative side effects
  • Red Vein Kali – closely mimics the effects of opiates, and is quite sedating

Can I legally use kratom in Prince George?

Not unlike our neighbors to the south, the Canadian government has taken a relatively liberal view of kratom use in this country. While the American government continues to closely monitor the use of Mitragyna speciosa by residents across the nation (due in part to a number of calls to the Poison Control center, in 2016 the DEA put forth an emergency measure to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 narcotic, though this measure was cancelled by Congress on receipt of a petition signed by over 140,000 Americans who are strictly pro-kratom), in Canada, residents of British Columbia cities like Prince George are legally allowed to purchase kratom as an herbal remedy.

Kratom for sale in Prince George

There has never been a better time to purchase Prince George kratom powders and kratom capsules than now, and you will find the best quality available on the market when you visit Original Harvest Kratom online – we’re the only company in North America to lab-test our kratom products to guarantee authenticity. What you see is what you get with Original Harvest – excellent quality, certified organic kratom products, cultivated by a team of skilled gardeners at a partner farm in Indonesia. Finally, buy kratom in Prince George from us, and you’ll always be covered by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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Nancy F.,

Prince George, Canada

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