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Can I use kratom for pain?

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If you plan to buy kratom in Moncton to treat a symptom like chronic pain, you’re in the right place!

Chronic and acute forms of pain affect millions of people every day, and as society makes its shift towards desiring more all-natural solutions, kratom becomes ever more popular as an herbal alternative to over-the-counter and prescription medicines that are usually prescribed in these situations. Mitragyna speciosa, or kratom, is a tree that grows wildly in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, and a member of the coffee family.

It has been used for centuries by the locals of these countries as a natural energy booster, and for the mental clarity and focus provided. In Canada, most patients turn to kratom for its powerful pain relieving properties, akin to those provided by pharmaceuticals like codeine and morphine. For top-quality kratom powder and kratom leaf, choose Original Harvest Kratom.

Is Mitragyna speciosa safe to use?

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Though it has strikingly similar effects to opiate-derived substances, kratom is very safe. True, the chemicals in kratom leaves – alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine – act on the opioid receptors in the brain to produce similar pain relieving and euphoric effects, but anecdotal and scientific evidence suggestions kratom does not cause the same level of addiction, nor does it cause respiratory depression, which can prove fatal. In fact, there have been no fatal instances of responsible kratom use.

What kind of kratom is used for pain?

Do any cursory research into kratom and you might find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of strain options available to you. There are many! But not all varieties are suited to treating pain, and even those that are will produce a different effect for each individual, depending on your particular chemical makeup. In general, most turn to Red Vein varieties for their potent sedative and pain managing effects, or even Green Vein kratom, for energy and analgesic properties combined.

Is it legal to use kratom in Moncton?

Canadians nationwide understand the benefit of seeking out herbal remedies for their pain, anxiety, insomnia, so it’s exciting that kratom is legal for use in New Brunswick cities like Moncton.

Kratom for sale in Moncton

Whether you are looking for potent pain relief, an all-natural aid to help with opiate withdrawal, or a solution for your insomnia, buy kratom in Moncton, as leaf or powder – Original Harvest Kratom has the strain you’re looking for, and you can order online and have it delivered! All our Mitragyna speciosa strains are carefully cultivated by our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia, and lab-tested to ensure authenticity and quality in every package.

“The Malaysian Green Vein is very good for overall relaxation and that feeling of well-being. Others before me have said this, but it definitely has mood boosting effects and pain relieving effects! A very nice alternative to other options out there, and much better that it’s completely natural.”
Jennifer W.,

Moncton, Canada

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