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Where does kratom come from?

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An herbal remedy that is fast becoming a popular, all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical options, kratom is used for pain relief, anxiety and depression, muscle and joint aches, insomnia, immune boosting, and more. Hailing from the warm and tropical climate of Southeast Asia, this plant – Mitragyna speciosa, grows wild in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, where local farmers and peasants have turned to its potent leaves for centuries to benefit from the focus and mental clarity provided by them.

How does Mitragyna speciosa work?

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The powerful effects of kratom can be attributed to the active chemicals that occur naturally within, chemicals called alkaloids, that react with opioid receptors located throughout the brain and produce effects similar to opioid drugs like codeine. These are powerful analgesics, and, in fact, kratom’s alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine is considered one of the most potent herbal analgesics (though it is present only in very small quantities in the plant).

Is kratom safe to use?

As Mitragyna speciosa produces similar effects to those provided by pharmaceutical medications like codeine and fentanyl, it’s common that there would be concerns surrounding the issue of abuse and addiction, as has been the history with opiate derivatives. Kratom alkaloids may react with opiate receptors, but there are two important factors that separate this plant from the others:

  1. Kratom alkaloids act on a different set of opiate receptors than the commonly used pharmaceutical alternatives
  2. Kratom does not cause respiratory depression

Though there is a chance for a person taking kratom to develop an abuse disorder, it does not carry with it the same dangerous symptoms as those associated with opioid drugs, and it can easily be reversed by cessation of the plant. There have been no fatal instances of responsible kratom use.

What is kratom used for?

Traditionally, the locals of Southeast Asian countries used kratom for pain relief and to boost energy so that they could get through the tedious work day. In Canada and across North America, patients have been turning to Mitragyna speciosa for its analgesic prowess, and for relief from conditions like insomnia and anxiety, not to mention the bevy of other beneficial side effects provided by this herbal remedy.

There are a number of different kratom strains, of which any interested party is sure to find something suitable to their needs:

What’s the legal status of kratom in St. John?

Across Canada, kratom is fast becoming the herbal remedy of choice for those who are looking for an all-natural and potent solution to what ails them. Indeed, this herb has become something of a household name North America wide, as proponents of the plant continue to advocate for its safe and effective use. In St. John, NB you can legally purchase kratom powders and kratom leaf.

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