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What is kratom?

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Want natural relief of arthritis, chronic pain, or anxiety? Kratom could help!

Kratom is a by-product of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, a tropical plant in the coffee family native to Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and New Guinea. There are three inherent vein colours of the kratom leaf given by Mother Nature which can provide an indication of the type of herbal experience to expect:

  1. Red vein: Commonly used as a muscle relaxant or for pain-relief; effects are sedating and long-lasting.
  2. Green vein: Can be both stimulating or sedating (depending on amount used, variety, and user’s chemical composition), commonly used for anxiety.
  3. White vein: More stimulating, known for providing energy and mental clarity, commonly used for depression or as an alternative to coffee.

The most abundant plant alkaloids found in the red, green and white vein varieties of Mitragyna speciosa are known as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These indole alkaloids are what provide kratom with its psychoactive effects, which range from stimulating to sedating depending on dosage.

How do people use kratom?

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Kratom offers many different benefits and has been used for centuries.

In Southeast Asia, the kratom leaves were commonly chewed raw by farm labourers for its stimulating effects, or it may be brewed into tea for relief from pain and fatigue.

As a natural herbal product and legal substance in Canada, the kratom leaf is available for sale in a variety of commercial forms.


Is Kratom Legal in Newfoundland?

Due to its being slightly psychoactive in high doses, all kratom sold from legitimate kratom vendors have labels on their packaging stating “not for human consumption”, despite the fact that kratom has been safely used for centuries as a therapeutic medicine to manage a variety of mental and physical conditions.

The Best Kratom for Sale Online

Since kratom is regarded as an alternative herbal substance that is relatively new to the North American market, you won’t be able to find Newfoundland Kratom sold over-the-counter at your local Shoppers Drug Mart or health food store. And while you may be able to find it sold at a head shop or vaporizer store near you, why bother when you can buy kratom online from Original Harvest Kratom?

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Not only do we provide free shipping on bulk kratom orders over $150, our flexible return policy ensures you will be satisfied with your order, or your money back. Furthermore, we genuinely care about your health and wellness, which is why all our kratom products are lab tested for purity. You can rest assured when you buy kratom in Newfoundland from us, you’re only getting 100% certified organic kratom delivered to your mailbox.

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