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In need of a place to buy kratom in Hay River for delivery? You’re in luck! Original Harvest kratom is your trusted online provider of organic kratom pills and powder. Whether you need kratom for opiate withdrawal, pain relief, or want a natural way to help deal with depression or insomnia, we’re sure to have a strain that works for you. Why buy from us instead of other kratom vendors? Aside from our huge selection of premium-grade kratom supplements, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. At Original Harvest, your privacy and satisfaction is our number one priority.

What is kratom used for?

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  • Otherwise known as “Herbal Speedball”, “Biak-biak” or “Ketum”, kratom is the leaf from a tree botanically known as Mitragyna speciosa, indigenous to the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia.
  • The medicinal value of the kratom plant is well-known amongst South East Asian cultures, where it has been used for centuries as a stimulant to boost energy and mood, or as a sedative to relieve pain and ease insomnia.
  • Traditionally, kratom leaves were chewed raw or brewed into tea to feel the effects. Today, wholesale kratom is available grounded into a fine powder or ground up into kratom capsules.

What are kratom powder effects?

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The effects of kratom mainly depend on dosage. In general, low doses will provide a stimulating, cocaine-like effect that feels light and natural. You may notice yourself being more friendly and talkative, with a general sense of well-being. In medium doses, the kratom herb may provide either a stimulant or sedative effect, depending on the vein colour and strain. In high doses the effect of kratom becomes a sedating, morphine-like effect that relieves physical and emotional tension.

Stress and anxiety melt away as your muscles feel more relaxed. Note that for people dealing with opioid withdrawal, 8-10 grams of kratom is recommended. For first-timers, it’s always a smart idea to start out low with 1-3 grams of kratom powder.

What are the most popular kratom strains available?

It depends on your condition and the type of effect you’re after. For example, Maeng Da kratom is a high-quality grade known for its energy and mood boosting effects. For pain-relief, Red Bali kratom is a popular choice due to its strong, analgesic properties, while Green Vein Malaysian kratom can also provide sedation but has a smoother impact. For stress and anxiety, Indo kratom works best with users reporting an improvement in confidence with long-lasting effects.

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While kratom is legal in Canada, you will be hard-pressed to find kratom supplements sold at a retail location near you. As a relatively new alternative medicine to hit the North American market, kratom stores are few and far between, especially in the Northwest Territories. The beauty is that you can easily buy kratom in Hay River online at Original Harvest, without a doctor’s prescription, from the convenience of your home.

“Lots of strains to choose from, and it really is of the highest quality. I was impressed they ship up here, since often companies don’t. Thank you!”
Hank R.,

Northwest Territories, Canada

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