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Where to buy Nova Scotia kratom

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We sell only organic products, so you know you’re getting quality when you buy kratom in Nova Scotia from us.

It can be difficult to find premium natural supplements in smaller centers, and that’s why Original Harvest is so happy to announce that those hoping to buy kratom in Nova Scotia can now place their orders from the comfort of their own home, and have their fresh kratom powders or leaf shipped right to their door!

All Original Harvest orders placed in Canada are delivered from our Toronto warehouse, so you never have to worry about unexpected customs fees. Simply browse our selection of more than 50 varieties of mitragyna speciosa, choose the ones that’s best for you, and buy your products. You’re always protected with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Should I buy Organic Kratom?

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Not only is Original Harvest kratom organic, it’s also lab-tested to ensure authenticity and purity!

At Original Harvest, we don’t care whether you only shop in the organic section of your local grocery store, but when it comes to herbal remedies, we do think choosing organic kratom from Original Harvest is a good idea.

This is simply because you never know what additives – even natural additives – used during the kratom cultivation process might interact badly with the alkaloids in kratom. When you’re already attempting to treat an illness, you always want to avoid any exacerbation, right? So, why not choose Nova Scotia kratom from Original Harvest – all our products were grown on a single, certified organic farm in Indonesia, and we have all our strains lab tested so we know they really are pure kratom – there’s nothing added as “fillers”.

What are the laws about kratom in Nova Scotia?

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Kratom is a popular natural supplement often used for treating chronic pain.

Throughout Canada, it is completely legal to buy and sell kratom powders and kratom leaf. That means you run no risk of trouble when you order online from Original Harvest and have your kratom products delivered to your home. Because kratom has yet to be approved by Health Canada, we do have to label all our products with “not for human consumption”, but that doesn’t mean you kratom is anything but pure and organic, just like we explained above.

Kratom for Sale in Nova Scotia

At Original Harvest, we sell many different types of kratom. These are the five primary varieties you’ll find in our shop:

  1. Red Vein kratom
  2. Green Vein kratom
  3. White Vein kratom
  4. Yellow kratom
  5. Kratom extracts

Each of these varieties is available in regionally diverse types including Sumatra, Thai, Malaysian, and Borneo (a dozen in total!), and all these strains were cultivated and prepared with care and attention to detail, by experienced cultivators on our partner farm. You know you’re getting only the best when you order from Original Harvest.

What is mitragyna speciosa?

Mitragyna speciosa is, as you may already have guessed, the scientific name for kratom. Kratom trees grow in Southeast Asia almost exclusively, because the environmental conditions there are especially conducive to the rich alkaloid content found in the leaves. The leaves of the kratom tree (which have different vein colours depending on a number of factors including age, humidity, and temperature) have been used for centuries as a natural treatment for fatigue and pain – native Asians would chew the leaves raw or use the dried leaves in tea.

Are you curious to try kratom for your own chronic illness or symptoms? Buy kratom in Nova Scotia from Original Harvest and discover why we’re such a popular choice.

“I’ve bought kratom elsewhere, but now that I’ve found Original Harvest, I’ve deleted those other links off my bookmarks bar. Your company is where it’s at.”
Kyle P.,

Nova Scotia, Canada

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