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What are kratom alkaloids?

Though you may not know it, every plant contains chemicals that work differently in our body, and kratom is no exception. When you buy kratom in Barrie, you’re affected by alkaloids in the leaves, like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are considered opioid receptor agonists. This means that once they enter the body, they act on opioid receptors in the brain to produce effects such as:

  • pain relief
  • mental clarity
  • energy
  • relaxation

Mitragyna speciosa grows natively in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Borneo, and Bali, and depending on the location and climate, specific strains will contain different levels of alkaloids and therefore produce different results. This is why when you search for Barrie kratom powders and kratom capsules with a retailer like Original Harvest Kratom, you will find an extensive list of strains which can treat a wide variety of conditions.

How does kratom treat pain?

At lower doses, kratom is stimulating, while at higher doses, kratom is considered a sedative, with potent analgesic qualities. In fact, kratom is considered the best natural herbal analgesic, which has the best effect at suppressing pain, and elevating the body’s natural endorphins.

In its native land, Mitragyna speciosa (also known as biak biak) was often used to boost energy and focus in order to power through a physically demanding and tedious work day. In North America, proponents of the plant prefer to take advantage of the aforementioned analgesic qualities of the herbal remedy.

Is it legal to buy kratom in Barrie?

There’s much ado about kratom south of the Canadian border, where Americans are locked in a heated debate as to the safety of the plant. In 2016, the DEA made a move to classify Mitragyna speciosa as a Schedule 1 narcotic, akin to marijuana and other opiate drugs. The public stood up to the federal government, however, and presented Congress with a petition, which convinced the ruling body to put a stay on the scheduling process. In the US, kratom remains legal.

The Canadian government has also taken into account the positive benefits of kratom, and it is legal to purchase in Ontario cities like Barrie.

Kratom for sale in Barrie

It has never been easier to purchase top quality Barrie kratom powders and kratom capsules than it is now, by visiting Original Harvest Kratom online. We carry a wide variety of kratom strains like the popular Maeng Da Red Vein, energizing Thai and Malaysian Green Vein, potent Bali 10x kratom extract, and moderate strains like Kali Yellow Vein.

Our certified organic kratom products are all grown by our partner farm in Indonesia, and when you buy kratom in Barrie you’re getting only lab-tested strains you know are pure and authentic. We also offer our customers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on any unopened package.

“I’ve tried the Green, Yellow, and White Vein strains of the Maeng Da from Original Harvest and I have to say, the Red Vein is my ultimate favorite. It’s just so relaxing, and honestly, I’ve been using it for awhile and I’m still amazed by the level of pain relief I get from this. Great product. Great company, too. They’re very efficient.”
Stan P.,

Barrie, Canada

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