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What is Green Vein kratom?

Want to buy kratom in Kingston? Take a moment to learn about the qualities of this great plant!

If Red Vein kratom strains are sedating and White Vein strains are energizing, what do Green Vein kratom strains do? A member of the coffee family, Mitragyna speciosa is, in general, a stimulating herb that can also provide sedative effects when used at higher doses. Deriving its name from the color of the stem and vein of the plant, Green Vein kratom powder and kratom capsules (like those available online for delivery from Original Harvest Kratom) are well known for ability to provide a hybrid of both Red and White veins. Effects include:

  • Pain reduction: Green kratom can help minimize joint, muscular, and bone pain, as well as severe chronic pain.
  • Energy: they are popular energy boosters, effective at bringing instant and clean energy.
  • Antidepressant: though they might not be the most potent mood boosters, Green Vein strains are typically quite relaxing and can help reduce stress.
  • Stimulating: Green Vein kratom strains are considered the most effective at stimulating the body

What are the best Green Vein kratom strains?

Depending on their origin, every kratom strain will have different levels of alkaloids – the active chemical in the leaves of the plant, and those responsible for the lion’s share of the effects delivered when the herbal remedy is used – and provide unique effects. This is not to say that one strain might be better than the other, but because of their unique chemical makeup, and in turn the unique makeup of your own body, you may find that certain strains produce the effects you crave over others. Popular Green Vein varieties include:

Legality of kratom in Kingston, ON

While more and more Canadians begin to recognize the healing potential in herbal remedies like kratom, the reality of this contentious plant is bathed in misinformation. Staunch proponents of Mitragyna speciosa stood up against the DEA back in 2016 and petitioned Congress against the federal government’s move to classify the plant as a Schedule 1 drug. These advocates were successful in having the scheduling process halted, and it is legal to purchase kratom in most states in the US.

The Canadian government takes a much more liberal view of kratom, understanding that the herbal remedy may prove beneficial in many cases, and for many patients. You can purchase kratom in Kingston, On.

Kratom for sale in Kingston

When it comes to kratom, trust is key – knowing that your Kingston kratom powder and kratom capsules are coming from a reputable retailer like Original Harvest Kratom (we’re the only company in North America to lab-test all of our products for authenticity) will not only bring you peace of mind, but ensure that you get nothing but the best quality products, every purchase. Our certified organic kratom is proudly cultivated by our team of expert farmers in Indonesia. Every order you place when you buy kratom in Kingston from us is carefully packaged to ensure freshness on delivery and beyond, and we happily provide our customers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which will allow you to return any unopened package for a refund.

“I’m a first time user of the Original Harvest Thai Green Vein and I am very pleased with the energizing and mood enhancing effects of this kratom. I’m considering combining it with a different variety to see if I can get better pain relief, since this provides some, but I could use more. I honestly think this will be a better solution than the Rx pain relievers I’ve been using that make me feel sleepy. The customer service from this company is also great – they’re so patient and helpful!”
Nathan F.,

Kingston, Canada

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