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Looking for a place to buy kratom in Charlottetown, for delivery, to treat pain management, anxiety or fatigue? Original Harvest Kratom is pleased to offer one of the largest selections of premium-grade Kratom available for your benefit, from Pure 10X Thai Kratom Leaf to White Vein Borneo Kratom Powder and everything in between.

Why order online from us? All our lab tested kratom is 100% pure, so you can rest assured you’re only getting the highest quality of kratom pills and powder on the market, sourced straight from our farm in Indonesia and shipped to your Charlottetown mailbox.

What is Kratom?

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Used for centuries both medicinally and recreationally amongst Southeast Asian cultures, Kratom comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, a tropical plant in the coffee family native to countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo and Malaysia. The leaves from the tree contain a number of alkaloids that are known to produce effects similar to consuming coffee or opiates, depending on dosage.

The effects of kratom are dose-dependent, so it’s important to start slow and experiment with a dosage that works best for you. In low doses Kratom produces a stimulant effect, with users reporting increased focus, energy and sociability. At high doses, Kratom will produce a sedative effect similar to opioids (but less intense) and hence its use as a treatment for opiate withdrawal or as a pain-killer. At medium doses, Kratom can produce both stimulating and sedating effects.

Traditional uses of Kratom

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Traditionally, the kratom leaves were chewed raw by farm labourers in Thailand and Malaysia to boost stamina, overcome stress and provide relief from muscle strains. The leaves are also brewed into tea (Kratom drink) for social and ceremonial purposes, in addition to being an herbal medicine for treating constipation, headaches, and diabetes.

Today Kratom is available commercially and has been used as a plant-based medicine for a variety of conditions including fibromyalgia, PTSD, stress, and depression, low libido, insomnia, opiate withdrawal, restlessness and weight loss to name a few. At Original Harvest, we offer more than 50 strains in three forms:

  • Loose kratom powder
  • Kratom leaf
  • Kratom capsules (not available in all locations)

Is Charlottetown Kratom legal?

Charlottetown Kratom is legal in Prince Edward Island and the rest of Canada for that matter, so you can buy as much bulk kratom from Original Harvest Kratom as you’d like, risk-free, without the need for a doctor’s prescription. Orders over $100 get free shipping, while our 30-day money back guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction.

Discover Charlottetown

Known as the “Birthplace of Confederation,” Charlottetown is the capital of Prince Edward Island with a rich history and thriving community of approximately 36,000 people. As a waterfront town in the Maritimes, Charlottetown is a hotspot of memorable coastal experiences, from boat tours off Hillsborough Bay, to authentic lobster tours, to the finest sea-to-table cuisine you’ll ever taste. Buy kratom in Charlottetown and discover natural health on the East Coast.

“My products came quickly and were exactly as advertised. I’m glad the kratom powder ships from Ontario, not a southern state or a different continent – it makes me feel more secure to know the company is close by.”
Glen F.,

PEI, Canada

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