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Have you been wondering about kratom? This amazing plant from Southeast Asia boasts a myriad of benefits. With Original Harvest, you can buy kratom in Quebec and have kratom powder, capsules and kratom extracts delivered right to your door! We work with our partner farm in Indonesia to bring you the best organic, natural and pure Kratom products.

Where does kratom come from?

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Kratom leaves offer a wide range of healing benefits, including relief of chronic pain.

Kratom is a majestic evergreen tree from the tropical regions of Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It has been used as a miraculous folk cure for centuries. Traditionally it was made into a tea that helped with everything from depression to digestive issues. More contemporary explorations into kratom’s effectiveness in fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and ADD/ADHD leave kratom poised to be the next big top pick in natural medicine.

Strains of Kratom

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You’ll find only the best kratom strains available at Original Harvest

Whether you’re looking for Yellow Vein Kali Kratom Capsules or Green Vein Borneo Kratom Powder, Original Harvest has all your organic kratom needs covered. With the largest variety of strains in North America, we’re sure we have your favourite. If your strain isn’t working for you, contact us for an exchange. We want you to find the strain that best suits your needs. If your Kratom is unopened, we’ll even give you a full refund! We’re so proud of our Kratom powders, Kratom Capsules and Kratom Extract that we display full lab reports on their product pages. Our Kratom is indisputably the best and the purest product on the market.

Kratom For Energy

Because of its stimulant effects when taken at low doses, kratom has been shown to boost energy and motivation, especially during long periods at work. Just like Westerners start their day with a cup of coffee- kratom’s botanical cousin, kratom tea was a normalcy for Southeast Asia’s working class. Not only did it help them be more effective, it also helped the pain that comes with backbreaking physical labour. Kratom has many other social effects, helping people be more relaxed, talkative and friendly. These effects are thrusting it into the spotlight as a treatment for social anxiety. Stimulating kratom can:

  1. fight fatigue
  2. ease stress
  3. soothe mild to moderate pain
  4. encourage mental clarity and productivity

Kratom for Sale in Quebec

Getting kratom straight to your door is easy with Original Harvest. All packages are discreetly shipped. Free shipping is available on orders over $100! Original Harvest Kratom oversees every part of farming and production to make sure that our Quebec Kratom is organic, pure, and contains nothing but kratom leaves.

Kratom legality in Quebec

It is legal to purchase kratom all over Canada. It is sometimes used as a naturopathic aromatherapy oil, and the law requires us to label it, “not for human consumption.” You can buy kratom in Quebec without worrying about repercussions.

“The products I ordered got here really quickly and were exactly as advertised. I’ll be ordering more when this supply runs out, for sure.”
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Quebec, Canada

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