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What are fast, medium, and slow kratom strains?

There is a lot to learn about kratom, and one thing the novice will notice is that some of the various strains you come across will invariably be labelled as fast, slow, or moderate. What might these designations refer to? Not how quickly the kratom powders and kratom capsules (available for delivery when you buy kratom in Longueuil, online with Original Harvest) will take to act, but how they will react.

  • Slow strains – refers to the relaxing and sedative properties of a particular variety. They will help lift your mood, and help you relax, but are also extremely effective pain relievers.
  • Fast strains – best for stimulation and energizing. These particular strains help to provide mental clarity, energy, and even focus to encourage productivity.
  • Moderate strains – often called medium, these strains sit somewhere on the spectrum between fast and slow, and in general, are best for mood enhancement and well-being.

How does Mitragyna speciosa work?

The benefits of this ancient herb lie in the powerful chemicals that occur naturally in kratom’s leaves. These chemicals, called alkaloids – specifically mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine – are considered opioid receptor agonists, meaning they react with the same receptors as opiate substances do to produce similar effects, like pain relief and euphoria.

Is kratom considered addictive?

Even though kratom reacts with the same receptors as opiate medicines like codeine and fentanyl, it will not lead to the same kind of addiction and dependency as these aforementioned medications. As with the use of any substance, there is a risk of abuse with kratom, but this can easily be reversed by ceasing use of the herbal remedy for a few weeks. Another solution is to alternate different strains so that your body does not have a chance to become used to one particular strain over another.

Is kratom legal in Longueuil?

As Mitragyna speciosa continues to become a more and more popular herbal remedy, it is natural that Canadians would be curious about the plant, and wonder whether its legal to purchase in this country. Kratom is safe and effective, and yes, the good news in Canada is that kratom is legal for purchase in Quebec cities like Longueuil!

Kratom for sale in Longueuil

There are dozens of kratom strains for pain, anxiety, insomnia, and overall well being, strains, fast, moderate, and slow alike, including:

Shop for these potent strains and other Longueuil kratom powders and kratom capsules for delivery when you visit Original Harvest. It’s our mission to provide our customers with top quality products; that’s why our certified organic kratom is cultivated by our dedicated partner farm in Indonesia and when you buy kratom in Longueuil, you know everything has been lab-tested to guarantee authenticity and quality

“The Original Harvest Red Vein Super Indo really helps with my back pain. Personally, I don’t think the effects last as long as they do with the Bali 10x extract but they both provide perfect results! I wish I had heard about kratom years ago, I could have prevented so much pain!”
Jason K.,

Quebec, Canada

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