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What is Kratom?

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Kratom is a large tree that is grown in Southeast Asia. For naturopathic purposes, however, kratom usually refers to leaves that are either fresh, dried, or powdered. Kratom can also be made into extracts and tinctures. It’s easy to buy kratom in Dawson City thanks to Original Harvest: we ship organic kratom straight to your door!

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom is legal in Dawson City and the rest of Canada. Packaging must be labeled “not for human consumption”, however, due to Food and Drug restrictions. Kratom is generally sold as a “supplement”, but Original Harvest kratom is no less pure and organic for it’s package label!

Kratom Strains

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Kratom is a botanical cousin to coffee. Much like Arabica and Robusta, kratom too has different strains. In Kratom, strains like Borneo or Maeng Do produce different effects. Strains get broken down further into their vein colour: white, yellow, or red. At Original Harvest, we are dedicated to finding you your best-suited strain. If you don’t like the kind you’ve bought, then we will gladly facilitate an exchange. We even give your money back on unopened packages! With a plant so diverse and miraculous, we know it can get a bit overwhelming.

Buying Kratom Locally

Original Harvest ships kratom right to your door. Our kratom is organic and 100% pure. We offer kratom powder, and kratom leaf and we boast the largest variety of strains in North America. All of our kratom is grown on our farm in Indonesia – this allows us to provide you with the best, highest quality kratom on the market. Still think you can trust your local smoke shop? Smoke shop kratom can have anything from matcha to glycerides mixed with their product. The only way to avoid buying sub par cut kratom is to find a reputable source, like Original Harvest. We subject our kratom to strict lab testing. You can be sure that you’re getting kratom and kratom only.

Can Kratom Cure My Social Anxiety?

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In large doses, Dawson City kratom acts as a sedative, but in small doses, kratom has a stimulant effect. Anecdotally, people who use kratom report feeling friendlier, social and more at ease. In Southeast Asia, healers would use kratom to help depression and other mood disorders. Naturopathic doctors in the modern age have been prescribing kratom to clients as a way to deal with:

  • depression
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • and more

Research scientists have also been looking at kratom as a way to help people with opioid addiction wean off dangerous narcotics and minimize debilitating side effects of withdrawal. Kratom has helped and continues to help many people have a prosperous, social life.

Buy kratom in Dawson City from Original Harvest for natural relief of many conditions.

“I was really happy with the red vein bali I got from this company. The shipment took a while, but I’m used to that up here and don’t hold the company responsible. It was fresh anyway, and I felt the pain benefits really quickly.”
Rita W.,

Yukon, Canada

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