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Kratom is the all-natural cure taking Canada by storm. Traditional healers in Southeast Asia have been in on the secret for years, and you can easily buy kratom in Whitehorse from Original Harvest! We only ship kratom that is 100% organic and pure.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is an evergreen tree that grows in tropical Southeast Asia. Native to countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, it has been embraced by folk medicine for centuries as a cure for wounds, chronic pain, and as a local anesthetic. Kratom was used for religious worship, as well as a boost of energy and a happier mood. Traditionally, people in the area would chew fresh leaves or blend dried leaves or powder into teas and other drinks.

The Best Whitehorse Kratom

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When it comes to natural products, make sure you’re giving your body the best – like organic kratom powder from Original Harvest.

Original Harvest has the largest selection of Kratom strains in North America. We have Kratom available in a capsule, as a powder or as dried leaf. Traditional tinctures use glycerides or alcohol to strip benefits from plants, but ours is a true extract and contains nothing but Kratom. Our powders and capsules are 100% vegan and contain no allergens- just pure, organic Kratom. From our farm in Indonesia to our packaging, we put a passion for pure, uncut Kratom into every step. We also lab-test all of our products.

Kratom is Legal in Whitehorse

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Healing, therapeutic kratom available in many different strains and forms – all shipped from Canada to Canadians!

Kratom is, in fact, legal to buy all over Canada. This allows us to ship the supplement straight to you in Whitehorse. Other countries have already started to see the benefits. When the American DEA tried to place Kratom on the Schedule 1 drug list, the sheer amount of backlash caused them to reevaluate their position and keep Kratom legal as an important, effective naturopathic cure.

Where to Buy Kratom in Whitehorse

Original Harvest delivers high-quality, organic Kratom right to your door in Whitehorse. Your Kratom powder, capsules, or extract also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Send unopened products back for a full refund within a month of purchase. We’d love to help you find a strain of Kratom that suits your needs.

Kratom for Chronic Pain

In small doses, Kratom acts like a stimulant, in high doses it has proven itself to be a sedative. Labourers in South Asia would chew fresh Kratom leaves to help with the pain that comes with long days and backbreaking work. Naturopathic practitioners in the modern day have found Kratom to be effective in cases of:

  • fibromyalgia
  • restless leg syndrome
  • treatment for opiate addiction.

Back “in the day”, kratom was so prized for its pain-fighting effects, it was traditionally offered to the gods. There is no better natural method of pain reduction, and you can see for yourself when you buy kratom in Whitehorse from Original Harvest.

“I’ve tried a couple brands of kratom now and wasn’t overly impressed because it seems to have been mixed with some kind of random herb – no bad effects but just really low effectiveness – and my friends told me it smelled odd. This kratom was the real deal (as per the same friends) so I’ll definitely be ordering again.”
Sid L.,

Whitehorse, Canada

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