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What is kratom?

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Kratom, which you may be familiar with by another name (its scientific one), Mitragyna speciosa, is a powerful, all natural compound. You can buy kratom in Juneau by visiting Original Harvest, the largest supplier of this premium product.

Kratom is derived from the dried leaves of the kratom tree, which are green and glossy before being dried to make kratom powders and kratom extracts. Kratom is related to coffee and has stimulating effects in certain amounts, as well as sedating effects in others. Kratom trees have smooth, grey bark and can grow to heights of 82 feet. In addition to its leaves, the kratom tree has small ball-shaped blooms that grow at the ends of the branches, though these are not used in the production of kratom.

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Is kratom like an opioid?

Kratom has frequently been compared to opioids for the way it is able to successfully tackle serious pain that takes place in the body. However, there is one very important difference between kratom and opioids that is worth noting. Kratom does not have the harmful side effect of respiratory distress that opioids do, making kratom a safer choice. Kratom has even been effective in treating individuals who are addicted to opioids by making the switch to kratom to treat their pain.

Is Juneau kratom legal to buy?

Yes-you can buy kratom legally in the state of Alaska, and in many other states in the USA and in Canada.

What is a small dose of kratom?

A small amount of kratom will perform as a stimulant. This means that it will likely provide users with an increase in their motivation or energy levels. Some kratom users have even reported that kratom have increased their sexual energy levels! People who haven’t tried kratom before are encouraged to try very small amounts of this holistic treatment, and to allow for up to 30 minutes before the strain takes effect.

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“Kratom is the best thing I’ve found to help treat my arthritis, and Original Harvest has made it real easy to try out many different types to find the one that works best for me.”
Lisa A.,

Juneau, USA

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