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Original Harvest’s website is the place to go to feel safe when you buy kratom in Tucson. Our online store offers the best and largest selection of premium kratom in all of North America, all available at your fingertips!

All of our kratom powders and extracts are 100% certified organic and, of course, pure—but please do note that our kratom extract is not a liquid; rather, it’s made from extra strong leaves of kratom. We ship quickly and ensure that your package is discreet and does not indicate what its contents are. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee; that’s how sure we are that you’ll love ordering your kratom powders and extracts from Original Harvest!

What is kratom?

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Kratom is an all-natural compound that is derived from the leaves of the kratom tree, which grows in Southeast Asia. Countries where the kratom tree can be found include Borneo, Thailand, Vietnam, and Bali. Original Harvest’s kratom comes from our partner farm located in Indonesia.


Kratom contains many alkaloids, but the two of the highest concentration in the leaves are:

  1. 7-HMG (7-hydroxymitragynine)
  2. Mitragynine

These healing alkaloids interact with mu receptors that are in our brains and spinal cords. The result is that a powerful feeling of pain relief spreads through the entire body, dulling any discomfort that kratom users might have been feeling, and doing a whole lot more besides (including fighting fatigue, easing insomnia, soothing stress and anxiety…).

Kratom’s scientific name, which it is also known by, is Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom is actually related to both coffee and the gardenia.

Can you legally buy Tucson kratom powder?

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Not to worry—it’s legal to buy kratom powders and extracts in Arizona and beyond; kratom is legal in many US states. 

Buy Kratom Online in Tucson

Buy kratom online and don’t worry about a thing beyond your naturally healthier future! Place your order with ease after choosing from more than 50 strains of kratom. Our secure online ordering system is straightforward and speedy, just like the delivery of our fresh, organic kratom. Your discreet package will arrive on your door within days of placing your order with Original Harvest!

What kind of kratom should I get?

Kratom is produced in a vast array of strains. Which one is the best to buy is totally a matter of personal preference; luckily, Original Harvest offers so many options that you’re sure to find some (or many) that suit your needs. In case you were wondering, some of the many strains that we offer (as kratom leaf, powder, or capsules) include Horned, Borneo, Thai, Kali, Sumatra, and Red Dragon.

Does kratom treat opioid addiction?

You may be aware that kratom is often compared with opioids. This is because the powerful pain relieving benefits of kratom are similar to the relief that is associated with opioid use. However, it is important to note that there is one major difference and that is that kratom does not cause the potentially dangerous side effect of respiratory distress (opioids do). Many kratom users who are addicted to opioids have been able to safely wean themselves off of the more dangerous opioid alternative with kratom use. That means when you buy kratom in Tucson, you can worry a little bit less.


“Original Harvest shipped my kratom powder to me so quickly that I couldn’t believe it. It arrived and even my husband had no idea what was in the package—it was my little secret!”

Dianne V.,

Tucson , USA

I’ve told all my friends in Tuscon, AZ about this place. After reading many articles about kratom (both good and bad), I decided to try it to form an opinion for myself. I don’t know what these haters are talking about because kratom has only done positive things for my mental health. My anxiety has met its match.

Stefani P

Tucson, AZ

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