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Does kratom relieve pain?

Traditionally used to boost energy and mental clarity by the labourers, peasants, and farmers of Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, kratom, a versatile plant, has been developing a reputation in America as a potent pain reliever, and now it’s easy to buy kratom in Arvada.

Not only is kratom effective at managing chronic and acute pain, it’s considered one of the most potent natural pain relieving supplements, next to opium. As society continues to make the shift away from pharmaceutical medicines towards more natural methods, kratom powders and kratom capsules – easily available for delivery from a reputed retailer like Original Harvest Kratom – will continue to prove themselves viable and attractive alternatives to conventional drugs.

How does Mitragyna speciosa work?

The pain-relieving benefits of kratom can be attributed to the chemicals, called alkaloids, that occur within the leaves of the plant. These alkaloids, namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, are opioid receptor agonists, which is a fancy way of saying that they connect with the opioid receptors in our brain to produce feelings of euphoria, as well as pain relief (opiate-derived pharmaceuticals like fentanyl and codeine are most often prescribed for serious pain), but they aren’t exactly opiates, partly because they don’t cause respiratory failure.

You can use kratom to manage the following forms of pain:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Musle and joint pain
  • Back pain and scoliosis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Arthritis

Which kratom strains are best for pain relief?

While there are many different kratom strains to choose from, you’ll find that not all of them are suitable for treating pain. Kratom is an extremely versatile plant, and can be stimulating in higher quantities, and sedative at lower ones (though, at Original Harvest we recommend never using more than 5 grams at a time). To treat pain, you’re more likely going to look for a “slow” or “moderate” strain, like one of the following:

  1. Indo Yellow Vein kratom capsules
  2. Borneo Red Vein kratom powder
  3. Maeng Da Yellow Vein kratom capsules
  4. Bali Red Vein kratom powder

Legal status of kratom in Arvada

While kratom advocates support the responsible use of kratom for pain relief and more, the legal status of Mitragyna speciosa came into question in 2016 when the DEA made an attempt to classify the plant as a Schedule 1 drug, which stated that it had no medical benefits and a high chance of abuse and addiction. Though much research is still needed, anecdotal evidence speaking to the safety and efficacy of kratom abounds. The scheduling process was cancelled by Congress when the legislative body received a petition signed by 140,000 Americans in favor of the herbal supplement, and <em>kratom purchase and use remains legal</em> in Arvada.

Kratom for sale in Arvada

Do you live with chronic pain? You don’t have to, and kratom powders and kratom supplements may prove the answer to your prayers. When you’re ready to give kratom a try, start with the best quality supplements possible, and you’ll find those online with Original Harvest Kratom. When you buy kratom in Arvada, you know each strain has been carefully cultivated at our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia. We’re also the only company in North America to lab-test all of our kratom supplements to ensure our customers receive nothing but the absolute best.

“Whether you already know about kratom, or you’re just here doing some research, I’d like to give you some personal advice. After 15 years of severe back pain, depression, and anxiety, I’ve found a new lease on life with Original Harvest Kratom. What an amazing product, and it’s natural! I’m living proof of what kratom can do. Thank you, Original Harvest, for such a wonderful product.”
Harris D.,

Arvada, USA

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