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Mitragynine has been called the most prevalent (out of about 40) and potent alkaloid of kratom. It works by binding to a specific set of opioid receptors in the body to stimulate and energize. Buy kratom in Boulder and find high-quality kratom capsules and kratom powders high in mitragynine when you shop online with Original Harvest Kratom.

What is mitragynine?

You may have heard about kratom, a powerful herbal supplement that is developing a name of itself across North America for its ability to provide relief from pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression, and more. This medical prowess has been attributed to the chemicals found in abundance in the plant, alkaloids like mitragynine.

What are the effects of kratom and mitragynine?

Kratom itself is a member of the coffee family, so that it would have stimulating effects would be an obvious conclusion, and mitragynine is a powerful stimulant. But along with this clean energy it can also calm and relax, effects which vary based on the dosage. It’s commonly reported that when using kratom strains that are high in mitragynine, like Red Vein Maeng Da and Green Vein Malaysian, feelings of intense concentration and focus, a more natural physical energy, and relief from such conditions as anxiety, depression, stress, and much more.

Can I legally use Mitragyna speciosa in Boulder?

There has been much debate and discussion surrounding the legal use of kratom in cities like Boulder, especially when the city-level government of Denver, CO made the choice to ban kratom use for human consumption. Any kratom advocate knows that when this plant is used conscientiously, there is no risk of harm or abuse, and though instances of kratom being combined with other substances have led to concern, there have not been any fatal instances of responsible kratom use. Yes, it is possible to develop a dependency on kratom supplements, but this can be reversed after a week or so of cessation of use. In Boulder, CO, it’s legal to purchase and use kratom.

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Are you ready to join the hundreds of thousands of Americans already benefiting from the amazing healing potential of Mitragyna speciosa? Don’t just take their word for it, buy kratom in Boulder and discover the benefits of adding kratom supplements to your healthy lifestyle when you shop online with Original Harvest Kratom. It’s been our mission to provide our customers with the absolute highest quality kratom supplements on the market, and we’re the only company in North America to lab-test our supplements so that our customers receive authentic, top quality Mitragyna speciosa every order.

“I am a first time user and I am pleasantly surprised by the energizing and mood enhancing ability of Original Harvest Maeng Da and Thai kratom supplements. I’ve been combining the two for better pain relief, which has proven quite successful. And they don’t make me sleepy! Off topic, but the customer service here is great as well! All around, a wonderful company to do business with.”
Grant P.,

Boulder, USA

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