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Buy kratom in Denver from Original Harvest and you know you’re getting a quality herbal supplement.

It’s never been easier to buy kratom in Denver, and at Original Harvest you can rest assured that all our Mitragyna speciosa strains are 100% certified organic and pure! Best of all, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Check out Original Harvest’s website—we offer the best and largest selection of premium kratom powders and extracts in North America.

Our website is simple to navigate, and secure—your personal information will be protected or destroyed after you place your order, and shipping is completely discreet—none of your neighbors will know that what you are receiving is kratom herb. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the Denver kratom you receive from Original Harvest, worry not—we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Let us know if you aren’t totally happy with your order. After all, superior customer service is one of our highest priorities.

Where does Kratom come from?

If you’ve ever visited the rainforests of Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, or Bali, you might have actually seen a kratom tree. These smooth-barked trees grow up to 82 feet tall and have green leaves which are used to make the kratom products we know. There are a variety of kratom strains available, including Maeng Da, Viet, Thai, Sumatra, and others (many of which are available for purchase on Original Harvest’s website).

What does kratom do?

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We offer only the finest, lab-tested, organic kratom strains.

Kratom offers many unique therapeutic benefits to people struggling with any number of conditions or symptoms. People with chronic pain often turn to specific vein colors of kratom to promote physical relaxation and eradicate the insomnia that often plagues their nights. If sleeplessness is the product of fatigue, green and white vein strains are a great option for promoting productivity, mental clarity and energy throughout the day. At Original Harvest, we sell these four varieties of kratom, from a dozen different Southeast Asian regions:

  1. Red vein kratom
  2. Yellow kratom
  3. White vein kratom
  4. Green vein kratom


Bali White Kratom

When energy is what you need – over pain relief and relaxation – turn to Bali White Vein kratom capsules from Original Harvest. This ‘fast’ strain gives you excellent, all-natural stimulation in an organic and vegan format that’s easy to monitor and dose. You can also pick up this strain in powder or leaf form! If fatigue is your primary concern, you’ll love the benefits of this powerful, popular strain!

Is it legal to buy Denver kratom?

Yes—in the city of Denver and the state of Colorado it is legal to both purchase and own kratom powders and extracts. And, when you order kratom from Original Harvest, it couldn’t be easier to get premium kratom delivered.

What makes kratom work?

Kratom contains two alkaloids named Mitragynine and 7-HMG. They interact with mu receptors that are found in the brain and spinal cord, and the result is the spreading of a pain dulling sensation through the body. Kratom is similar in many ways to opioids, but though they have the same effect on the body, kratom is much safer because it does not have the dangerous side effect of respiratory distress that comes with opioid usage. That’s just one more good reason to buy kratom in Denver!

“I am so glad I discovered Original Harvest. Ordering my kratom powder online saves me so much time, and it is nice to know they have the best selection in the country.” 

Michael P.,

Denver, USA

This is the best kratom company I’ve come across. I heard about kratom long before the hype that you see all over the news now and wanted to try it. This was my first time shopping at Original Harvest and I can’t say enough positive things. Customer service gets five stars for being so friendly and helpful. I had so many questions coming into this place and wanted to feel extra comfortable before buying Denver kratom and making it a part of my life. 

William S.,

Denver, Colorado

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