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Wondering where, or how, you can safely buy kratom in Miami Gardens that is high-quality and therapeutic?

Kratom is becoming increasingly popular, in North America, as more people are learning about its many benefits and we at Original Harvest are happy to provide not only the largest selection of Kratom products in North America, but also the best quality kratom on the marker. Our products, which includes capsules, powders, and extracts, are all 100% certified organic. We also send all our kratom strains for lab testing, to authenticate them and confirm the alkaloid content. So if you’ve made your way here, then no need to look any further;  we’re your kratom shop.

Mitragyna Speciosa is legal in Miami Gardens

That’s right—Mitragyna Speciosa, informally known as kratom, is legal in Florida State and no laws restrict you from ordering or possessing the herb and its products. So you can legally buy kratom in many places in Florida, although we do offer the most options and the highest quality.

Kratom strains and colors

Different strains come from different regions in South America, where the kratom tree grows (and where kratom has been for centuries a deep part of culture). The names of some kratom strains derive from their country or origin, as well as their colors.

Studies have shown that different vein colors are linked to different effects, although in general, kratom functions as a sedative in large doses, and a stimulant in smaller doses.

What is a kratom leaf?

The kratom leaf grows on the kratom tree. We get our kratom from a kratom tree farm in Indonesia; over the years we’ve built strong relationships with these Indonesian farmers, from whom we source our premium product.

The kratom leaf’s genealogy has lots in common with the coffee plant. Indeed, the kratom leaf and the coffee leaf look related.

Selling kratom is legal

Buying and possessing kratom is legal in Florida, and so too is selling kratom. Regulations simply require that we label all our products “not for human consumption.”

Fast kratom delivery in US

We hand-package and ship all orders of kratom directly to our customers’ front doors. Our method of delivery, like our website, is speedy and safe.

Our top priority is your satisfaction. If you order over $100 worth of our product, you get free shipping, and if you made a mistake with your order, we also offer, depending on the circumstance, refunds, exchanges, or store credit.

If you do return an item, make sure you contact us before doing so, and we’ll figure something out.

Can kratom help with fibromyalgia?

Studies have shown that kratom works in a variety of ways to manage or tackle pain. In fact, the all-natural herb shares a surprisingly large amount in common with opioids; kratom and opioids both target the same places in the brain and spinal cord.

Kratom has proven hugely helpful to people suffering from a wide range of medical symptoms and conditions, and fibromyalgia patients are only one group singing the praises of this all-natural herb. Buy kratom in Miami Gardens to see for yourself!

“I love that this kratom shipped so fast and came to my house without announcing to the world that I’m using a natural supplement known for helping opioid addiction. And it really does help. Thank you.”
Frank T.,

Florida, USA

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