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Want to buy kratom in Miami? Good news: it’s not only legal in most of Florida to buy kratom; it’s also easier than you might think, if you buy from us.

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Buy Kratom in Miami

Our kratom is 100% certified organic and we offer a variety of options from regular potency strains to 10x potency kratom extract, available in various forms. Strains of the all-natural herb include:

What is Hulu Kapuas Red Vein Kratom?

If you’ve never heard of “Hulu Kapuas”, don’t feel ashamed. This rather funny-sounding phrase describes the native growing region of this particular variety of kratom – specifically, the Hulu Forest surrounding the Kapuas River, in Borneo. Known for delivering a gentle relaxation that can help you ease pain and drift into sleep, Hulu Kapuas Red Vein kratom powder will leave you feeling chill, pain-free, and cheerful.

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Don’t settle for anything less than the best kratom powders, leaf, and capsules.

All our products are lab-tested, and we display the results of these tests on our product pages, for you to view at your leisure.

We’ve the biggest selection of premium organic kratom in America, and you’re free to order the product that best suits your medical needs.

Kratom effect on pain:  

The herb is a bona fide painkiller. Studies show that kratom can help with a diverse array of medical symptoms such as fibromyalgia and generalized pain or depression. The all natural herb is can also aid symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Why? Simple: kratom functions chemically much like opioids, making it an all natural — and legal — alternative.

Can I get kratom delivered?

If you want kratom delivered right to your door, like the morning newspaper, just place an order online at Original Harvest and presently we’ll hand-package and ship it to you, so you barely need to lift a finger! Our online system is secure, and friendly: if you order $100 worth of kratom powder, we’ll give you free shipping.

We test all our products at a US laboratory, so you know you’re getting what you ordering when you buy kratom from us: pure, organic, potent herbal supplements.

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Powders, capsules, and loose leaf – at Original Harvest we have you covered.

Where does Kratom come from?

Kratom itself is a type of leaf that grows on kratom trees in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Bali, where kratom has a long cultural and recreational history. Indeed, many Southeast Asian people find that kratom helps them get more done—or relax. This is because Kratom is either stimulating (in low doses) or sedating (in high doses), depending on the type of strain.

Different types of kratom trees produce different types of kratom leaves—which share lots in common with coffee plant leaves—with unique color, size, and shape.

We work directly with farmers in Indonesia, to ensure that our kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) comes right from the source.

Grow your own kratom

Of course, you could technically try planting your own kratom tree, but the kratom tree requires a particular climate, and there’s no guarantee it will thrive in Miami. Indeed, the tree’s quite finicky; it’s much easier to simply get your Miami kratom products from us.

Is kratom legal?

No need to worry, no need to stress: the people spoke up and voiced their dedication to kratom as a life-changing natural treatment, and you’re now legally allowed to possess kratom in Florida.

On our side of things, regulations require all packaging be labeled as “not for human consumption.” On your side of things, you can order any one of our top quality kratom products without any trouble.

Not satisfied with your order? That’s fine! We’ve a 30-day money-back guarantee on unopened products, so if you change your mind after you buy kratom in Miami, no worries!

“I tried many different things for my chronic pain. Kratom works, and doesn’t keep me up at night worrying about serious side effects. I don’t need anything else making me lose sleep. Thank you!”
Yolanda P.,

Miami, USA

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