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The absolute best place to buy kratom in Champaign is probably not where you’ve been looking. It’s actually on your very own computer! Check out Original Harvest’s incredible selection of kratom on our website and online store. All of our products are 100% certified organic and pure, and the selection is actually the largest you’ll find on the continent of North America.

Original Harvest’s website is secure and easy to navigate, and we will ship your kratom powders and extracts right to your doorstep quickly and discreetly. Orders of $100 or more will ship for free, and we even have a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you were on the fence about giving us a try.

Kratom Strains to Try

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa (its scientific name) is produced from the leaves of the kratom tree, which grows throughout Southeast Asia. Kratom trees love the lush tropical climate and humidity of that region, and they can be found growing in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Bali, and Indonesia.

Kratom leaves are typically dried and cured before being turned into the kratom powders, capsules and leaf we are most familiar with in North America though in some areas the locals chew the leaves fresh or brew them into kratom tea.

Can Kratom Treat Opioid Addiction?

Yes—kratom has been shown to help people who are suffering from opioid addiction. Kratom and opioids actually have quite a few similarities, but they also have one major difference. You see, opioids have the potentially dangerous side effect of respiratory distress, which makes them dangerous.

Kratom does not have this side effect, but due to the many similarities between kratom and opioids, kratom has been utilized by people addicted to opioids as a way to wean themselves off of the more dangerous alternative. Kratom has recently been cited in the media as a potential aid in the fight against the opioid crisis in the USA.

Is Champaign kratom legal to buy?

Kratom is legal in the state of Illinois, as well as in many other US states and Canada.

Who can kratom help?

Kratom is widely regarded for its ability to help treat pain in people who are suffering from serious medical conditions that cause a great deal of discomfort in the body. Kratom can be useful for those seeking to treat:

  • Cancer
  • Poor Digestion
  • Depression
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety

And other conditions and symptoms

It’s simple and straightforward – and safe – to buy kratom in Champaign from Original Harvest, so place your order of this therapeutic herb today.

“Original Harvest kratom extract is the solution to all of my digestive issues! I love how quickly it works and also how quickly the shipment arrives after I place my order.”
Sabrina P.,

Champaign, USA

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