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Where does Kratom come from?

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If you’ve ever vacationed in Southeast Asia (think Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, or Indonesia), you may well have seen a kratom tree. Kratom trees, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, have smooth, grey bark and green, glossy leaves—it’s actually the leaves of kratom that are dried and turned into the Des Moine kratom powders and leaf that we’re most familiar with in North America.

How does Kratom work?

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There are alkaloids in kratom that deliver its healing effects. Two of these are known as Mitragynine and 7-HMG. The alkaloids interact with mu receptors in the brain and the spinal cord of the body. Their reaction causes an intense feeling of pain relief and dulling that moves through the whole body. In small doses, kratom acts as more of a stimulant that boost your mood, energy levels, and productivity. In large doses, kratom helps treat symptoms like chronic pain and insomnia.

What is Green Vein Hulu Kapuas Kratom?

For balanced relief of fatigue and chronic pain, you might want to try Green Vein Hulu Kapuas kratom powder. This strain is likely to leave you feeling mentally clear and naturally energized (none of those caffeine-inspired jitters) as well as blessedly pain-free! Get the best of multiple worlds with this affordable, therapeutic option.

Classified as a “moderate” strain with mild stimulant effects, Hulu Kapuas will give you enough physical relaxation to ease those tense muscles and other neuropathic pain symptoms, but not so much that you feel couch-bound and glued to Netflix – you’ll be able to retain your usual (or previous) vibrant activity levels with the added glow given by no longer struggling through the pain.

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Is Des Moines kratom legal?

Yes—Des Moines kratom is legal! You can buy and have kratom in your possession in the state of Iowa, and in many other states throughout the USA. Kratom has so many users who are continuing to fight on its behalf to ensure its continued legality!

Where do I buy the best kratom?

From Original Harvest! As we mentioned before, we have a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with your kratom order from us for any reason, let us know. Your unopened order can receive a refund or exchange. All returned products must be received within 30 days, and, again, contact us before you send anything back.

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