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How much do you know about kratom? If you said that it’s a plant native to Southeast Asian countries that has been used for decades for its therapeutic qualities, we’d give you a pat on the back – that’s quite a bit of research, you’ve done! We hope you continued to read on about the benefits of this herbal remedy, however, and that you didn’t just stop when the news reports started claiming this leaf is somehow dangerous. For starters, when you use high-quality George kratom powders, capsules, and loose-leaf products, like those available for delivery from Original Harvest Kratom, rest assured that your safety has been taken well in hand.

How safe is it to use kratom supplements?

Have you ever had a headache and needed a couple Tylenol? Or felt like you were falling asleep at your desk because of a night spent tossing and turning? You could pop a few pills or down a hot coffee, or … you could try kratom, an all-natural analgesic with a clean energy boost that puts much needed pep in your step without the caffeine crash.

Kratom for sale in George

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, has chemicals in it called alkaloids. These alkaloids, specifically mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, work on the opioid receptors throughout our brain and body to produce the same feelings you get when you take medication like codeine and morphine – pain relief coupled with mild elation. Because M. speciosa works on the opioid receptors and can produce feelings of euphoria, some try to claim that kratom is, in fact, an opioid. There’s one very important distinction – a patient cannot and will never experience an overdose – fatal or otherwise – when using kratom responsibly.

Can I take kratom while I’m pregnant?

Kratom has been shown to help relieve stress and anxiety, ease pain, and induce sleepiness, but in higher doses can also give patients a boost of energy that can help you to focus and get through the task at hand. For women in the early stages of pregnancy, this might seem like a godsend – clean burning energy to get over that pregnancy fatigue? Yes, please! However, we do not recommend the use of kratom for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What can I use kratom for?

Traditionally, kratom was used by the locals and peasants of Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand for its ability to help fight pain and provide energy to get through the grueling and often repetitive work day. In North America, many patients have discovered it’s a cost effective, natural analgesic, and readily replaces over-the-counter and opioid medications. While there is little scientific evidence to support the fact, many patients and proponents have taken their success stories alone, spreading the word about the positive benefits of kratom.

Is it legal to buy kratom in George?

For customers in Kentucky cities like George, there are no restrictions on how much kratom you can buy, own, and use for therapeutic purposes. Mitragyna speciosa is legal in George, and should stay that way for awhile, if the recent failed attempt to ban the plant is any indication on how the local public feel about it.

Buy kratom online in George, KY

Why should you should online for your George kratom powders, capsules, and leaf supplements? The first and only reason you need to consider – access to high-quality, certified organic kratom supplements in one place. Original Harvest Kratom is a leading vendor of superior quality Mitragyna speciosa, grown by our certified organic partner farm in Indonesia. Our customers benefit from decades of experience, and our passion to helping improve your health. All of our kratom products are tested by a third-party lab to guarantee they are pure, and we offer our customers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee – return any unopened kratom within 30 days for a refund.

“Life changing. I didn’t believe it at first, totally skeptical. How can a plant be better than a pill? But I use MJ to relax me, kratom was a logical step. I was so impressed from dose one I immediately ordered three more bags, and I have gotten just about all my friends to give it a try. This stuff is the real deal, I’m not even lying. I can walk for 10 minutes without being doubled over in pain, I can get things done around the house. Superior product. Thanks, OHK!”

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George, USA

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