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As the federal government continues to make moves to control the natural herbal remedy called kratom, proponents take steps towards proving this plant is a safe and effective solution for a host of medical conditions, including anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and fatigue. Experience the life-changing benefits of this traditional remedy yourself – buy Alexandria kratom powders, capsules, and loose-leaf supplements online from Original Harvest Kratom, a leading vendor of certified organic kratom products offering delivery across the United States.

Is kratom an opioid?

In 2018 the US government classified kratom as an opioid, though any kratom advocate with a little scientific understanding will tell you this classification is slightly off-base. It’s true, Mitragyna speciosa works on the same receptors in the brain as opioids (mu and delta receptors) to facilitate feelings of euphoria, pain relief, and more, but the alkaloids found in kratom – mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine – work in a different many to regular opioids, and have yet to be associated with any kind of respiratory distress (one of the leading causes of overdose in individuals suffering from opiate addiction).

Kratom for sale in Alexandria

As is the case with marijuana, government sanctioned scientific research would shed light on just how powerful and beneficial kratom can be – an all-natural product that can safely and effectively help people treat pain naturally and help battle opioid addiction?

Can anyone buy kratom?

The FDA has not set rules for the use of kratom, though in Louisiana it is against the law for minors to posses and use products that contain this healing plant. Ultimately, if you suffer from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, migraines, headaches, muscle and joint aches, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, stress, and depression, you may find kratom a useful addition to your weekly self-care routine.

Mitragyna speciosa for opioid relief

M speciosa works well in aiding patients trying to kick an opioid habit because of how closely its effects mimic these pharmaceutical medications. Patients can find a safer form of pain relief from kratom, and it can also help to reduce withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, shakes, anxiety, and pain.

Buy kratom in Alexandria

Ordering kratom is easier than ever when you shop online for Alexandria kratom powder, capsules, and leaf with Original Harvest Kratom. Our certified organic Mitragyna speciosa products are grown by a talented team of cultivators at our partner farm in Indonesia, and every crop is submitted for lab testing by a third-party facility to ensure high quality and purity. We support your effort to improve your health and wellness and offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on any unopened package of kratom.

“I’ve been using kratom for a few months now and I’m really impressed with the improvement in my mood and levels of anxiety. It used to be almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning and get anything done but when I’m feeling like that I shake up a bottle of kratom (it mixes better that way) and I almost immediately feel like I can be productive. Original Harvest has the best quality, too. At first I thought it was too pricey so I shopped around but after a few different brands it was like a no-brainer. You can really tell the difference.”

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