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Type “kratom” into a search engine and you’ll inevitably be faced with two kinds of results – articles decrying the safety and efficacy of the Southeast Asian plant, and those telling you where to buy it (we think you’ll find the best Monroe kratom powders, capsules, and leaf supplements when you shop with Original Harvest Kratom online, but that’s just us). Don’t let the news reports fool you, you’ll find as many if not more positive experiences detailed on the web as you will negative. Know the facts, and you’ll be prepared to make an informed decision on your own.

Is kratom an opioid?

In a bid to control the use and distribution of kratom supplements, the federal government decided to label kratom as an opioid in 2018, much to the annoyance of the American kratom association. Yes, kratom works on opioid receptors but it does not work on them in the same way, and, more importantly, it does not effect the respiratory system or cause respiratory distress.

What is Mitragyna speciosa used for?

In countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, where kratom naturally thrives, Mitragyna speciosa was traditionally used as a pain reliever and to provide clean burning energy to help get farmers through a tough day of physical labor. In North America, patients tend to turn to kratom specifically for pain relief, with its ability to boost mood, provide energy, or even help relax the mind and body seen as “icing on the cake”.

Importantly, it has also been shown to help patients suffering from addiction to opioid medications. Kratom can help reduce withdrawal symptoms, making the process of quitting these drugs much less uncomfortable. M speciosa can also be used as a replacement for pharmaceuticals like codeine and such.

Can I legally buy kratom in Monroe?

In Louisiana cities like Monroe, it is legal for patients to buy and use kratom supplements, though it is not legal for minors to buy or possess kratom.

Kratom for sale in Monroe

Not all kratom is created equal, and a main concern for customers is being able to know that your purchase has not been cut with other substances. When you shop online with a company like Original Harvest Kratom, you know you’ll always receive high quality, certified organic Monroe kratom powder, capsules, and leaf products. Our kratom is grown in conjunction with our partner farm in Indonesia and lab tested by a third-party facility to ensure purity and superior quality. We’re dedicated to providing our loyal customers with top notch products, and provide a 30-Day Money back Guarantee on any unopened package.

“Anxiety used to rule my life and then I found kratom. I admit, at first I was skeptical that maybe something could be effective in helping me treat what I consider to be a crippling condition. Nothing else worked. I don’t use it every day, not even every other day, but it has really made a huge impact on my life.”

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Monroe, USA

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